INAF queue observing, 2018 Jan 23-24

We (the observers) take this space to bring attention of the world to the the awkward situation of large part of research personnel in INAF. We are now performing observations for INAF researchers with LBT, one of the biggest telescope in the world. But we are also valued for our scientific contribution, for results that we publish as first authors and for those in which we are involved.

However, we believe that like for many other INAF post-docs, our contract situation and our expectations do not reflect the great results that we, and INAF thanks to us, are obtaing. Like many other post-docs, we are paid on contracts renewed every year pending the availability of external funds.

Moreover, we are not entitled to officially say a word on institutional choice and in many aspects we are not considered as INAF employees, but like external collaborators. Indeed, we cannot even lead INAF projects and build a independent research.

Now, we believe INAF has given the power and instruments to start changing this situation.

Observer: R. Carini, A. Rossi *2 among 400 post-doc of INAF*
Telescope Operator: G. Bechetti
Support Astronomer: B. Rothberg on call
Instrument: MODS1+MODS2


Night shared with LINC team.

Instruments: LBC works, LUCI1 only imaging, LS and AO, LUCI2 imaging, LS and MOS, MODS1 and MODS2 work in both channels

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 2:00am- 13:00pm UT = 11 h 00m

Night shared with LINC team. INAF time 7:30pm- 13:00pm UT = 5 h 30m

Observing time: 5 h 30m (100%)

Weather time loss: * *h (%)

technical time loss * *h (0%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Filter ExpTime Notes
standard star feige34 MODS1+MODS2 red only,blue only, dual grating    
Antoniucci_8 iptf15afq MODS1+MODS2 blue filter g_sdss, red filter r_sdss 0.1 h ima red with MODS2 are not good but we consider the target completed
Palazzi_29 ATLASaeu MODS1+MODS2 blue grating with MODS2 and red grating with MODS1 50 m in red and 50 in blue seeing very variable
Caccianiga B GB6J164856 +460341 MODS1+ MODS2 red grating 4X 960 s in both MODS the first image has seeing very variable, completed
Caccianiga P GBJ171103+383016 MODS1+ MODS2 red grating 2X960 s last image taken during the twilight
Flat Ima Antoniucci MODS1+ MODS2 g in blue, r in red   MODS just in the red channel


07:30 preset for the standard feige 34
  • 07:52 begin the acquisition mods1r.20180124.0001-0003,==mods2b.20180124.0001-0004==
  • 08:07 execBinoMODS feige34.ob mods1r.20180124.0004-0007,mods1b.2018.0001-0004, mods2r.20180124.0001-0005,mods2b.20180124.0005-0008 (we take red only, blu only and dual grating in both MODS)
  • seeing very variable, between 1.2'' to 1.5''

08:37 slew to Antoniucci program, target iptf15afq
  • execBinoMODS iptf15afq.img
  • some problems with the collimation
  • seeing about 1.0''on DIMM
  • mods1r.0008-0009, mods1b.0006-007
  • mods2r.0...,mods2b.0009-0010
  • MODS2 red has problem in the readout, the images are not good*

08:59 slew to Palazzi program
  • acqBinoMODS -37 atlasaeu_red.acq atlasaeu_blu.acq
  • mods1r.0010-0015, mods2b.0011-0014

09:25 execBinoMODS atlasaeu_red.sci atlasaeu_blu.sci
copointing limit the PI put offset to large, we have to acquire again the target with a offset lower
  • 09:38 acqBinoMODS -7 atlasaeu_red.acq atlasaeu_blu.acq
  • seeing about 1.7''on DIMM but 1.3" on guider
  • mods1r.0016-0019, mods2b.0015-0018

*09:46*execBinoMODS atlasaeu_red.sci atlasaeu_blu.sci
  • mods1r.0020-0023, mods2b.0019-0022
  • seeing variable between 1.2'' to 1.8''

10:41 execBinoMODS atlasaeu_red.sci atlasaeu_blu.sci * mods1r.0024, mods2b.0023

11:00 seeing is too high for this target, we slew to Caccianiga program * acqBinoMODS GB6J164856 +460341.acq * the target is at low elevation and it is in the direction of the wind

11:27 execBinoMODS GB6J164856 +460341.obs
  • airmass 1.6''and seeing 1.2''-1.3''on the guider; 1.1''on the DIMM, but the seeing is very variable, with peaks of 1.6''-1.8''
  • mods1r.0029-0031, mods2r.0015-0017
  • 11:55 airmass 1.45 seeing lower between 1.2 and 0.5 arcsec
  • 12:15 seeing 1 on guider

12:26 since the first images are not in seeing specific, we take one other image in MODS bino
  • seeing about 1.2''-1.4''
  • mods1r.0032, mods2r.0018

12:46 slew to the target GB6J171103 +383016
  • acqBinoMODS GBJ171103+383016.acq mods1r.0033-0035, mods2r.0019-21
  • execBinoMODS GBJ171103+383016.obs mods1r.0036-0037, ==mods2r.0022-0023==last image taken in twilight
  • seeing 1.3'' * 13:26 seeing 1.1'''

13:55 calibrations
  • imflats in red mods1r.0038-0042, mods2r.0024-0028 flats imaging in r (Antoniucci)
  • imflats in blue mods1b.0008-00
  • slitless flats dual grating MODS2 mods2r.0029-0030, mods2b.0024-0025
  • during the calibrations MODS2 crushes
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