INAF queue observing, 2018 Jan 21-22

We (the observers) take this space to bring attention of the world to the the awkward situation of large part of research personnel in INAF. We are now performing observations for INAF researchers with LBT, one of the biggest telescope in the world. But we are also valued for our scientific contribution, for results that we publish as first authors and for those in which we are involved.

However, we believe that like for many other INAF post-docs, our contract situation and our expectations do not reflect the great results that we, and INAF thanks to us, are obtaing. Like many other post-docs, we are paid on contracts renewed every year pending the availability of external funds.

Moreover, we are not entitled to officially say a word on institutional choice and in many aspects we are not considered as INAF employees, but like external collaborators. Indeed, we cannot even lead INAF projects and build a independent research.

Now, we believe INAF has given the power and instruments to start changing this situation.

Observer: R. Carini, A. Rossi
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: B. Rothberg
Instrument: LUCI/MODS


At the sunset the sky is mostly clear, but the wind speed is too high, so we are closed. Instruments: LBC works, LUCI1 only imaging, LUCI2 imaging, LS and MOS, AO works just for LUCI1 but the camera N30 has problems, MODS1 and MODS2 work in both channels.

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 2:00am- 13:15pm UT = 11 h 15m

Observing time: 3 h 50m (34.1%)

Weather time loss: 6 h 50m (60.7%)

technical time loss 35 m (5.2%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Filter ExpTime Notes
DARK Nisini LUCI2      
DARK Piconcelli LUCI2      
DARK Gilli/Mignoli LUCI2      
DARK Prandoni LUCI2      
Flats+ Arcs Gilli/Mignoli LUCI2      
Flats + Arcs Nisini LUCI2 H, K, J   mask1, mask2 (not completed), mask3, mask4, mask5 (Just H filter)
Rossi SNGRB171205A MODS1+MODS2 red (mods1) + blue (mods2) 1h 20m completed
std feige34 MODS1+MODS2 red+blue    
Prandoni USS1 MODS1+MODS2 red(mods1)+ blue (mods2) 1h last image taken during the twilight, blue images are not good
flats + arc Prandoni MODS2 and MODS1 red (mods1) + blue (mods2)    


  • Darks with LUCI2 Nisini program
  • luci2.20180122.0001-0005 DIT 90, NDIT 5, INT, LIR
  • luci2.20180122.0006-0010 DIT 2.7 NDIT 30, INT, LIR
  • luci2.0011-0015 DIT 150 NDIT 3, INT, LIR
  • luci2.0016-0020 DIT 2.51 NDIT 25, INT, LIR

  • Darks Piconcelli program
  • luci2.0021-0025 DIT 270, NDIT 1, NORM, MER
  • luci2.0026-0030 DIT 240, NDIT 1, NORM, MER
  • luci2.0031-0035 DIT 5, NDIT 6, INT, LIR

  • Darks Gilli and Mignoli programs
  • luci2.20180122.0036-0040 DIT 200, NDIT 1, NORM, MER
  • luci2.20180122.0041-0045 DIT 2.75, NDIT 5, INT, LIR

  • Darks Prandoni program
  • luci2.0046-0050 DIT 3, NDIT 20, INT, LIR
  • luci2.0051-0055 DIT 6, NDIT 10, INT, LIR

  • Flats and arc for Gilli and Mignoli programs
  • luci2.0061-0065 flat
  • luci2.0068-0069 arc argon
  • luci2.0070-0071 arc xenon
  • luci2.0072-0073 arc neon

* Flats and arc for Nisini program*

  • luci2.0074-0083 flat J for ima
  • ==luci2.0084-0093==H2 for ima
  • luci2.0094-0103 FeII for ima

* flats and arcs mask1*
  • luci2.0109-0113 flats H
  • luci2.0114, luci2.0179 arc Argon H
  • luci2.0115, luci2.0180 arc Xenon H
  • luci2.0121-0125 flats J
  • luci2.0159-0163 flats K
  • luci2.0181-0182 arc Argon J
  • luci2.0183-0184 arc Neon J
  • luci2.0185-0186 arc Argon K
  • luci2.0187-0188 arc Neon K
  • luci2.0189-0190 arc Xenon K

* flats and arcs mask2*
  • luci2.0134-0138 flats H
  • luci2.0139 arc Argon H
  • luci2.0140 arc Xenon H
  • luci2.0146-0150 flats J

* flats and arcs mask3*
  • luci2.0172-0176 flats H
  • luci2.0177, luci2.0179 arc Argon H
  • luci2.0178, luci2.0180 arc Xenon H

  • luci2.0196-0200 flats J
  • luci2.0201-0202 arc Argon J
  • luci2.0203-0204 arc Xenon J

  • luci2.0210-0214 flats K
  • luci2.0215-0216 arc Argon K
  • luci2.0217-0218 arc Xenon K
  • luci2.0219-0220 arc Neon K

* flats and arcs mask4*
  • luci2.0226-0230 flats H
  • luci2.0, luci2.0231-0232 arc Argon H
  • luci2.0, luci2.0233-0234 arc Xenon H

  • luci2.0240-0244 flats J
  • luci2.0245-0246 arc Argon J
  • luci2.0247-0248 arc Xenon J

* luci2.0254-0258 flats K
  • luci2.0259-0260 arc Argon K
  • luci2.0261-0262 arc Xenon K
  • luci2.0263-0264 arc Neon K

* flats and arcs mask5*
  • luci2.0270-0274 flats H
  • luci2.0275-0276, luci2.02 arc Argon H
  • luci2.0, luci2.0277-0278 arc Xenon H

08:38 TO opens the dome and configures MODS!!!!!!!!!

09:20 start SN GRB 171205A for Rossi 49
  • 09:25 seeing 1.5
  • acquisition, acqBinoMODS mods1r.2018.0006-0008 ; mods2b.2018.0016-0019
  • 09:33 spectra red grating , execMods mods1r.2018.0009-00??
  • 09:36 spectra blu grating , execMods mods2b.2018.0020-00??
  • 09:35 seeing 2.0. In general, seeing jumping between1.3 an 2
  • we see the SN!

10:40 slew to standard star feige34
  • mods1r.0013-0014 mods2r.0016-0019 acquisition
  • 10:56 execBinoMODS feige34.obs
  • mods1r.0015-0017 mods2r.0020-0022 red only, mods2r.0022 is not good
  • seeing 0.9''
  • mods2b.0024 blue only
  • seeing about 0.6''
  • 11:10 some errors during the exposure, lock failed in MODS2 but MODS2 continue the exposure, we stop and start again
  • lock failed again with MODS2
  • 11:20 mods1r.00- 0021 red only, good
  • mods1b.006-008 blue only, good
  • mods2b.0027-0029 blue only, good
  • mods1r.0022- ,mods1b.007 dual grating good
  • MODS2 dual grating doesn't work*

11:49 TO reboots

11:56 Prandoni program
  • preset failed, problem with guide star, missing the name of the guide star in the script

12:00 try again the acquisition but the preset failed again.
  • we try again, but failed, the TO have to restart the GCS

12:05 try again the acquisition
  • mods1r.0022-0025 mods2b.0030-0033
  • 12:22 cloud are coming
  • mods1r.0026-0028 mods2b.0034-0036 last image taken during the twilight
  • 12:30 sky is ok now, seeing 0.9
  • 12:35 passing clouds, seeing jumps to > 1 for a while
  • 13:05 passing clouds, seeing jumps between 1 and 1.5

Calibration MODS MODS2b arcs are missing. Use those from March run

  • mods2b.0039-0044== flats blue only slit 1.0'' mods2
  • mods1r.0031-== flats red only slit 1.2'' mods1
  • mods2b.0045-0050== flats blue only slit 1.2'' mods2
  • mods2b.0051-0056== blue only, mods2. 5" slit flats for standard
  • mods2b.0057-0062== slit flat standard blue only, mods2
  • mods2b.0063-0067== slitless flats blue only, mods2 just first part

-- %USERSIG{RobertaCarini - 2018-01-23}%


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