INAF queue observing, 2018 Jan 20-21

Observer: R. Carini, A. Rossi
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: B. Rothberg
Instrument: LBC


At the sunset the sky is cloudy, the temperature is at the dew point, humidity 100%
instruments: LBC works, LUCI1 only imaging, LUCI2 imaging and LS, AO works just for LUCI1 but the camera N30 has problems, MODS1 works, MODS2 only blue channel, we stay closed

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 2:00am- 13:15pm UT = 11 h 15m

Observing time: 0 h (0%)

Weather time loss: 11 h 15m (100%)

technical time loss 0 h (0%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Filter ExpTime Notes
Calibrations Bias MODS1      
Calibrations slitless flats MODS1 blue, red, dual    
Calibrations arc MODS1 blue, red , dual    
Calibrations Grazian F,J MODS1 dual grating    
Calibrations Gilli masks 22, 31, 33, 36, 44 MODS1 dual grating    
Calibrations flats slit 0.8'',1.0'', 1,2'' MODS1 blue, red, dual   Antoniucci, Palazzi, Caccianiga, Grazian C, Mignoli
Calibrations flats standard MODS1 blue, red , dual    


  • LUCI2 stuck as soon as we started the calibrations....impossible to use it.

MODS1 Calibrations

  • BIAS==mods1r.20180121.0001-0010, mods1b.20180121.0001-0010==

  • Slitless Flats
  • blue only mods1b.0011-0020
  • red only mods1r.0011-0015
  • dual grating mods1r.0016-0020-mods1b.0021-0030

  • Arc
  • blue only mods1b.0031-0033 Palazzi and Rossi programs
  • red only mods1r.0021-0023 Palazzi, Rossi and Caccianiga programs
  • dual grating mods1r.0024-0026, mods1b.0034-0036 Mignoli and Antoniucci programs

  • calibration Grazian Program (MOS)
  • flats mask F mods1r.0027-0029, mods1b.0037-0039
  • arc mask F mods1r.0030-0031, mods1b.0040-0041
  • flats mask J mods1r.0032-0033, mods1b.0042-0043
  • arc mask J mods1r.0034-0036, mods1b.0044-0046

  • calibrations Gilli program (MOS)
  • flat mask 31 mods1r.0037-0043, mods1b.0047-0053 are not good
  • arc mask 31 mods1r.0044-0045, mods1b.0054-0055
  • flat mask 36 mods1r.0046-0051, mods1b.0056-0061 are not good
  • arc mask 36 mods1r.0052-0054, mods1b.0062-0064
  • flat mask 36 mods1r.0055-0060, mods1b.0065-0070
  • flat mask 31 mods1r.0061-0066, mods1b.0071-0076
  • flat mask 22 mods1r.0067-0072, mods1b.0077-0082
  • arc mask 22 mods1r.0073-0075, mods1b.0083-0085
  • flat mask 33 mods1r.0076-0077, mods1b.0086-0091
  • arc mask 33 mods1r.0082-0084, mods1b.0092-0094
  • flat mask 44 mods1r.0085-0090, mods1b.0095-0100
  • arc mask 44 mods1r.0091-0093, mods1b.0101-0103

  • slit 1.2 dual grating Grazian and Mignoli program
  • flat mods1r.0094-0095, mods1b.0104-0105
  • arc mods1r.0096-0098, mods1b.0106-0108

  • slit flat
  • slit 0.8'' dual grating mods1r.0099-0104, mods1b.00109-0114 Antoniucci program
  • slit 1.0'', blue only mods1b.00115-0120 Pallazzi program
  • slit 1.0'' red only mods1r.0105-0107 Palazzi and Caccianiga programs

  • flats standard star
  • blue only mods1b.00121-0126
  • red only mods1r.0108-0110
  • dual grating mods1r.0111-0113, mods1b.0127-0132

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