INAF queue observing, 2017 Jun 14-15

Observer: A. Rossi, F. Cusano
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: D. Thompson
Instrument: LBC, LUCI


At the sunset the sky is clear. Fire nearby the mountain
We close the dome for smoke in the air at 8:17 UT

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 4:00am-10:30pm UT = 6 h 30m

Observing time: * *4hrs * *0m (60%)

Weather time loss: *2h *10m (33%)

technical time loss * *20m (7%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Filter ExpTime Notes
Dark   LUCI     N3.75 and N30 camera
Skyflat   LBC STD_U, V    
Annibali R34 UGC8320 LBC g,r 0.3h completed
Annibali R38 UGC8651 LBC g,r 1h completed
Annibali R35 NGC5204 LBC g,r 0.16h  
Moscadelli G016.58-0.05 LUCI Ks, H2 5min, 0.5h  
Lamp &Flat Marziani L LUCI G210 H    


1:38 starting darks with LUCI for several programs, including AO:
  • Fiorentino, Antoniucci, Marziani L, Piconcelli Q-R, FS149(standard)
  • luci2.20170615.0144-0174

3:00 LBC skyflats for D'Alessandro (filters S V) PA 180 and 0

3:31 Co-pointing for Annibali R34
  • dohybrid 3:40

3:46 sending R34 calib.ob
  • seeing 1" on image

3:51 sending UGC8320_3.ob, R34
  • seeing 0.8" on image at 4:10

4:18 slewing to Annibali R38, UGC8651
  • dofpia

4:24 sending ob UGC8651_1.ob, R38
  • dimm seeing 0.8"
  • seeing 0.6" on images at 4:32
  • 4:50 dofpia

4:52 sending UGC8651_2.ob
  • seeing 0.6" on red image at 5:02
  • seeing 0.5" on red image at 5:21

5:22 sending UGC8651_3.ob
  • seeing 0.6" on red image at 5:30
  • seeing 0.6" on red image at 5:42

5:50 sending R38 calib.ob

5:54 slewing to Annibali R35, NGC5204
  • dofpia 5:54

5:58 sending NGC5204_1.ob, Annibali R35
  • seeing 0.7" on image 6:10
  • 4 images only then lost guide star
  • moon is rising we change instrument we move to LUCI

6:19 switch to LUCI

6:50 we slew to Rossi, grb130831A
  • seeing 0.7 on guider
  • acq luci2.20170615.0175-0177
  • we can not see the target we give up

7:11 slew to Moscadelli target g016, starting with the Ks ob, g016_k.xml
  • img luci2.0178-0183 not good, stars have strange shape, calling doug miller
  • going to zenith to correct the problem
  • problem solved

7:30 slewing to Moscadelli target G016.58-0.05, ob g016_K.xml
  • img luci2.0184-0195
  • seeing 0.5" on images

7:42 sendig Moscadelli g016_h2.xml, H2 for G016.58-0.05
  • img luci2.0196-0201
  • seeing 0.6" on the guider
  • 8:17 stop integration, we have to close the dome for smoke in the air coming from the fire nearby

8:57 starting dark with LUCI N3.75,
  • luci2.0207-0211 piconcelli K

9:17 Darks with N30 camera for AO programs
  • luci2.0215-0219 ndit=3, dit=2.51s, int
  • luci2.0220-0224 ndit=10, dit=2.51, int
  • luci2.0225-0229 ndit=12, dit=2.51, int
  • luci2.0230-0234 ndit=6, dit=2.51, int
  • luci2.0235-0239 ndit=1, dit=2.51, norm
  • luci2.0240-0244 ndit=1, dit=15, norm
  • luci2.0245-0249 ndit=1, dit=10, norm
  • luci2.0250-0254 ndit=3, dit=10, int

10:07 lamps for marziani L, luci2.0255-0263 argon, xenon * flat luci2.0264-268

-- %USERSIG{FeliceCusano - 2017-06-15}%


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