INAF queue observing, 2017 Jun 12-13

Observer: A. Rossi, F. Cusano
Telescope Operator: G. Bechetti
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn
Instrument: LUCI


At the sunset the sky is clear.

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 4:00am-10:30pm UT = 6 h 30m

Observing time: * *4hrs * *m (81%)

Weather time loss: * *15m (4%)

technical time loss * *1hrs (15%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Instrument Filter ExpTime Notes
LUCI sky flat   LUCI Ks    
Piconcelli K 1249-0159 LUCI 200+HKspec 0.5h completed
Prandoni USS422 LUCI K 0.5h completed
Prandoni USS43 LUCI K 0.4h completed
Marziani L SDSSJ1442+4841 LUCI 210+H 0.4h completed
Moscaadelli G100.38-3.58 LUCI H2 1h some images out of spec for seeing
FS149 standard imag LUCI H2, Ks, K    


*sky flat
  • H2, luci2.20170613.0036-0037 low counts
  • Ks luci2.0038-0043 good
  • K luci2.0044-0048 high counts; luci2.0049-0058 good
  • H luci2.0059-0065
  • K again luci2.0066-0070 good
  • K again luci2.0070-0074 perfect ~12000 counts

3:30 slew to telluric Piconcelli K,
  • seeing 0.8"
  • acquistion luci2.0075-0077
  • spectra luci2.0078-0079

3:40 slew to Piconcelli K, target 1249-0159
  • acq luci2.0080-0083
  • seeing 1"
  • spectra luci2.0084-0091

4:26 slew to Prandoni USS422
  • seeing 1.3"
  • imag luci2.0092-0097 we stop the ob, the guide star is a double, the wavefront corrections are not good; check images should be good
  • 4:40* we change guide star and the send the script again
  • error committing the preset, the TO check the pointing
  • 4:48 imag luci2.0098-0122
  • seeing 0.8" at 4:48
  • note: some weird features in the images may be due to the reflection of bright stars on the swing arms, nevertheless the center of the image is fine

5:29 slew to Prandoni USS43
  • seeing 0.9"
  • luci2.0123-0147

5:40 note we are limited in the pointing by the strong wind in the south direction

6:10 STOP OBSERVING after finishing the script to check dome
for strange features in LUCI images (reflections?)

6:58 still closed due to problems in opening the dome

7:10 problem solved, checking the pointing, problem with the collimation

7:23 slew to standard FS149 in filter H2, Ks, K
  • luci2.0148-0153 K
  • seeing 0.8"
  • luci2.0154-0159 Ks
  • luci2.0160-0165 H2

7:44 pointing restriction due to strong wind in the south we go to target in the north direction

7:49 slew to telluric of Marziani L
  • acq luci2.0166-0168
  • spec luci2.0169-0170

7:56 slew to Marziani L, SDSSJ1442+4841
  • acq luci2.0171-0174
  • spec luci2.0175-0184
  • seeing 0.9"

9:06 slew to imaging Moscadelli B, I su svn, G100.38-3.58; filter H2
  • img luci2.0185-0196 30m H2
  • seeing 0.9" at 9:15
  • 9:43 img luci2.0197-0200 30m H2 first 2 exposures with high seeing ~2-3
  • PAUSED for 15min due to high seeing
  • 10:04 go again with image luci2.0201-208 seeing variable, check please

10:30 check wind so we can point to south!

10:35 slew to LUCI MOS Ragazzoni telluric
  • acq luci2.0209-0212 WRONG ALLIGNEMENT
  • acq luci2.0213-0216
  • spec luci2.0217-021

11:11 slew to LUCI MOS Ragazzoni
  • acq luci2.0222-02
  • spec luci2.02??-02 canot allign mask
  • seeing 1-1.5

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