INAF queue observing, 2017 Apr 14-15

Observer: R. Carini, M. Faccini
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn
Instrument: MODS; LUCI


At the sunset clear

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 03:00am-11:50pm UT) = 08 h 50m

Observing time: 08 hrs 20 m (94%)

Weather time loss: 0 hrs (0%)

technical time loss 30 m (%) the disconnection was about 3h, but the TO has observed for us form the mountain, during this period LUCI was stucked a lot of time, the time lost is not evaluable.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
SPecPhot star Feige34 blue grating MODS1; red grating MODS2, flat g and r in MODS1+MODS2    
Palazzi ATLAS blue grating MODS1 ; red grating MODS2 20m img + 2h spec completed
Ricci A2 NGC2712 J 300s LUCI1+ 300s LUCI2 airmass out of spec, no telluric
Prandoni USS439 K 20m LUCI1+20m LUCI2 completed
Prandoni USS32 K 20m LUCI1 + 20m LUCI2 completed
Prandoni USS320 K 20m LUCI1 + 20m LUCI2 completed
Moscadelli J g075 H2 1h 30m completed
Standard F075 H2    
Calibration LUCI sky flats H2, K    
Calibration MODS        


00:31 test images for MODS1 and MODS2
  • mods1r.20170414.0072, mods1b.20170414.00--
  • mods2r.20170414.0068, mods2b.20170414.00--

00:40 calibration with MODS for Palazzi program

02:27 Acq standard Feige34 for MODS1 and MODS2
  • mods1r.20170414.0073
  • mods2r.20170414.0069
02:37 ModsAlign standard Feige34 for MODS1 and MODS2
  • mods1r.20170414.0074
  • mods2r.20170414.0070
02:47 Science standard Feige34 for MODS1 and MODS2 (seeing 0,9)
  • mods1b.20170415.0001 - 0003
  • mods2r.20170415.0001 - 0003
  • some communication glitch with MODS2, we manually stop the first exposure
03:05 switch to Palazzi program, target Atlas
  • execBinomods atlas_img.img
  • mods1b.0004 - 0006; mods1r.0001-0003
  • mods2b.0001-0003; mods2r.0004-0006 seeing 0,9 the objects is near the intersection of the quadrants but it's easy to see it
03:27 switch to spectroscopy program, target Atlas
  • acqBinoMods atlas.acq
  • mods1r.0004-0006
  • mods2r.0007-0009 seeing 0,9

03:41 modsAalign

03:59 the object is too faint to be seen, we manually change the exposure time to 5 min to check again
  • mods1r.0007
  • mods2r.0010

04:06 modsAlign -y 7

04:13 execBinomods atlas
  • mods1b.0007-0010
  • mods2r.00011-0014

04:31 seeing variable. the mean seeing is about 1, but there are some peaks to 1.3'' or 1.7''
  • 05:24 seeing 0.8''-0.9''
  • 06:00 SEEING 1.2"
  • 06:06 SEEING 0.9''
06:40 execBinomods atlas
  • mods1b.0007-0010
  • mods2r.00011-0014

06:30 switch to LUCI

06:45 Ricci program, target A2. GO FRicci_1617_20_A2_newguide_bino.xml
  • acquisition luci1.20170415.0006-0009 , luci2.20170415.0005-0008
  • science luci1.0010- , luci2.0009-001
  • airmass out of spec
  • 07:19 lost connection with mountain, luci is running but do not see anything
  • 07:28 luci stucked

07:48 the TO try to run the script from the mountain. We decide to slew to Prandoni program because is an image program and the TO could easier run the script.
  • The telescope is configured for the bino mode, so we use the bino script but with the same exposure time, to facilitate the TO and to be faster.
  • load and GO USS439.xml in twin version. Moreover
  • from here we can not see anything, I do not know the number of the image, how much is the seeing, the quality and so on.
  • the TO said that the seeing is about 0.7''-0.8''
  • luci has problem, stuck many times
  • 08:45* the script stopped. the TO run again the script
  • 08:49* luci stuck again. the TO run again the script

08:53 load and GO USS32.xml
  • luci stuck again
  • seeing 0.7''-0.8''

09:36 load and GO USS320.xml
  • 10:14 script stuck. the TO run again the script

10:23 the problem of the connection is resolved!!!!!!!! EUREKA!!!!!

10:26 slew to Moscadelli program, target B
  • GO g075_H2_bino.xml
  • problem with the preset but finally it works!!!
  • luci1.0089-0106 , luci2.0087-0104
  • seeing about 1.0''
  • 11:23 seeing 0.7''-0.8''
  • 11:37 seeing about 0.6''

11:47 we stop the acquisition to slew to the Standard F149
  • seeing about 0.8/1.0

11:48 slewing to Standard for g075 *last 2 images elongated

12:02 filter K - elongated also in K

12:14 we collimate on a nearby star and take the filters again *there are other troubles like "jumps features" luci2.0087-0117

12:31 we slew to a blank field to make the calibration in K luci1.0122-0127 good, luci2.00122-0127 good

12:44 second script in H2 luci1.0128-130 , luci2.00134-0138

12:50 closing the dome to make MODS calibration
  • flat slitless execBinoMods mods1b.0011-0020 , mods2r.0015-0019
  • flat with slit 1.2'' mods1b.0021-0026 , mods2r.0020-0025
  • flat with slit 5.0'' mods1b.0027-0032 , mods2r.0026-0028
  • we test some flats without slit for MODS1 blue channel mods1b.0033-0036 are not good
  • mods1b.0037-0041 VFlat 4 lamp with texp =3 are good
  • other test mods1b.0042-0043
  • arc mods1b.0044-0046 , mods2r.0029-0031
  • flat for imaging mods1r.0008-0012, mods1b.0047-0051 , mods2r.0032-0036, mods2b.0004-0008
  • bias dual 3k mods1r.0013-0017, mods1b.0052-0056 , mods2r.0037-0041, mods2b.0009-0013
  • bias dual 8k mods1r.0018-0022, mods1b.0057-0061 , mods2r.0042-0046, mods2b.0014-0018

internal flat fields, gr and ui

-- %{RobertaCarini - 2017-04-14}%


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