INAF queue observing, 2016 December 28 - 29

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Rossi
Telescope Operator: S. Allansonz
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn on call
Instrument: MODS


At the sunset the sky is cloudy. We stay closed.
LUCI2 not available

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 18:30-6:30 ( 01:30-13.30 UT) = 12h 00m

Observing time: 0h0m (0%)

Weather time loss: 12h (100%)

technical time loss 0h (0%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN INST Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Calibration Annibali MODS   runa, runb dual grating  
bias MODS        
lamps MODS     dual grating  
flats MODS     dual grating 0.6" 1.2"
slitflats MODS     dual grating  


05:20 mods calibration for Annibali_50

05:27 execBinomods
  • field A mods1 mods1r.20161229.0002-0006, mods1b.20161229.0002-0006 seem to be ok for both mods
  • field A mods2 mods2r.20161229.0002-0006, mods2b.20161229.0002-0006

05:43 execBinomods
  • field B mods1 mods1r.20161229.0007-0011, mods1b.20161229.0007-0011
  • field B mods2 mods2r.20161229.0007-0011, mods2b.20161229.0007-0011

06:23 execBinoMODS for All programs
  • bias 8k mods1 mods1r.20161229.0012-0016, mods1b.20161229.0012-0016, mods2 mods2r.20161229.0012-0016, mods2b.20161229.0012-0016 * bias 8k mods1 mods1r.20161229.0017-0021, mods1b.20161229.0017-0021, mods2 mods2r.20161229.0017-0021, mods2b.20161229.0017-0021

06:45 execBinoMODS not fine for both MODS
  • mods2 mods2r.20161229.0022, mods2b.20161229.0022 are not OK because lamps are different for the 2 mods

06:53 execBinoMODS modsCalib/ mods2Calib/
  • mods1r.20161229.0022-0024, mods1b.20161229.0022-0024, mods2 mods2r.20161229.0023-0025, mods2b.20161229.0023-0025

06:59 execBinoMODS modsCalib/ mods2Calib/
  • mods1r.20161229.0025-0029, mods1b.20161229.0025-0029, mods2 mods2r.20161229.0026-0030, mods2b.20161229.0026-0030

07:35 execBinoMODS slit 0.6" for Pancino
  • mods1r.20161229.0030-0035, mods1b.20161229.0030-0040, mods2 mods2r.20161229.0031-0036, mods2b.20161229.0031-0041

08:03 execBinoMODS slit 1.2" for Grazian
  • mods1r.20161229.0036-0041, mods1b.20161229.0041-0046, mods2 mods2r.20161229.0037-0042, mods2b.20161229.0042-0047

08:58 execBinoMODS slit 0.8" for Antoniucci aborted not OK
  • mods1r.20161229.0042, mods1b.20161229.0047, mods2 mods2r.20161229.0043-0044, mods2b.20161229.0048 aborted not OK

09:05 we start opening , it looks better, some stars in the all sky

09:30 open but problem with dx secondary. We use MODS1 only

09:39 Slew to Antoniucci_6 iptf15afq
  • acqMODS --mods1 iptf15afq.acq
    mods1r.20161229.0043-0045 change expt time to 60s, otherwise nothing is visible

09:49 nothing on acquisition, we CLOSE, there are > 5 mag of extinction

11:45 put MODS to sleep

-- %USERSIG{FeliceCusano - 2016-12-28}%
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