INAF queue observing, 2016 November 3 - 4

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Rossi
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez
Support Astronomer: D Thompson on call
Instrument: LBC


At the sunset the sky is partly cloudy.
LUCI2 not available
We use LBCs.

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 18:30-5:30 ( 01:30-12.30 UT) = 11h 00m

Observing time: 0h0m (0%)

Weather time loss: 0h (100%)

technical time loss 0h (0%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
LUCI calibrations       flats & arcs for Iovino, Ricci and others if needed


02:30 start flats and arcs for LUCI 1, GR200, ok for Iovino program (w Iovino mask)
  • Flats zJ luci1.20161104.0005-0009 wl=1.1 um
  • Flats HK luci1.20161104.0011-0016 wl=1.93 um
  • arcs zJ luci1.20161104.0017-0022 wl=1.1 um ARGON
  • arcs zJ luci1.20161104.0023-0027 wl=1.1 um NEON
  • arcs HK luci1.20161104.0028-32 wl=1.93 um NEON
  • arcs HK luci1.20161104.0033-37 wl=1.93 um ARGON
  • arcs HK luci1.20161104.0038-42 wl=1.93 um XENON

-- start flats and arcs for LUCI 1, GR210, ok for Ricci B2 program (w LS 0.75 arcsec)
  • Flats J luci1.20161104.0047-51 wl=1.15 um HALO2 note: luci1*.0043-46 have persistence do not use it!
  • arcs J luci1.20161104.0052-56 wl=1.15 um NEON
  • arcs J luci1.20161104.0058-62 wl=1.15 um ARGON note: luci1*.0057 low counts
  • arcs J luci1.20161104.0063-67 wl=1.15 um XENON

-- flats for general purpose LS 1"
  • Flats zJ luci1.20161104.0070-75 wl=1.25 um HALO3
  • Flats HK luci1.20161104.0076-81 wl=1.93 um HALO3

-- slitlless flats "
  • slitless flat HK luci1.20161104.0085-90 HALO3
  • slitless flat zJ luci1.20161104.0091-95 HALO3




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