INAF queue observing, 2016 May 02-03

Observer: R. Carini, M. Di Criscienzo
Telescope Operator: G. Bechetti
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn
Instrument: LBC, MODS, LUCI


At the sunset the sky is clear.

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 20:30-4:30 ( 03:30-11.30 UT) = 8 h 00m

Observing time: * 8h* (100%)

Weather time loss: * 0h* (0%)

technical time loss * h* (00%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Raimondo Uma II blue : Us, B, red : rsloan 22 m just the blue images are good
Photometric standard S104 blue: Us B V g, red: I r Vz R    
Photomeric standard GD153 blue:Us, B,V,g red:V z r I R    
Giallongo Virgo field 2 dual grating, r sloan 30 m mods lbc: 60sec0deg, 10sec0deg
Giallongo Virgo field 1 dual grating, r sloan 58 m 3 x900 sec and 1 x 760 sec (image no completed), lbc:60sec0deg,10sec0deg, 180sec0deg
standard feige 67 dual grating    
Beltran A4 G24.78+0.08 H2, Ks 1.6 h completed, at the bottom of the field is present a strange obscuration
standard FS-142 H2,Ks    
Flat field Giallongo    
bias LBC      
flat LUCI        


02:49 we slew to target field, Raimondo's program, field number 7
  • 02:49 dofpia, but the sky is too bright

  • 03:03 dofpia, problems with coma in the blue side, TO send manual correctios to Z7
  • 03:13 dofpia again, problems with the dimension of the pupils in the blue side, they are too big. The TO send manual corrections to Z4
  • 03:25 dofpia
  • copointing. The stars in the red channel are elongated. the focus is not good because the mirror is not thermalized
  • 03:37 dofpia again

*03:42 run science UmaII _f7_UBr.ob * the stars in the red channel are elongated (in the last run we have taken good images for this field in this channel ), in the blue they are good
  • seeing 1.07
  • 4.02 seeing 0.94
  • 4.09 seeing 0.85
  • the airmass is out of spec

04:14 slew to photometric standard S104 (airmass 1.2-1.3)
  • 04:19 dofpia
  • run another photometric standard with different airmass GD153 (airmass 1.037)

04:52 slew to Giallongo's program in Parallel mode the TO configure MODS and LBC in parallel

05:30 acqMODS virgo2_mos.acq mods1.20160503.0002-0005
  • dofpia
  • 06:00 execMODS virgo2_mos_1.obs mods1.0006-0007, mods1b.0002-0003
  • run virgo_rsloan_60s_0deg.ob
  • run virgo_rsloan_10s_0deg.ob

07:00 slew to field 1
  • acqMODS virgo1_mos.acq mods1r.0008-0011
  • dofpia
  • excMODS virgo1_mos_1.obs mods1r.0012-0015, mods1b.0004-0007
  • run virgo_rsloan_60s_0deg.ob
  • run virgo_rsloan_10s_0deg.ob
  • run virgo_rsloan_180s_0deg.ob

08:15 slew to standard star feige 67
  • acqMODS feige67.acq =mods1r.0016-0019== * execMODS feige67_ls.obs ==mods1r.0020,mods1b.0008 =

08:42 slew to LUCI2
  • problems with reconfiguring

09:15 run Beltran's program, target A4 in H band luci2.20160503.0001-0030 *seeing variable 0.8''-1''

10:49 slew to standard star FS-142_H2.img.xml luci2.0031-0035
  • go FS-142_Ks.img.xml luci2.0036-0040

11:19 slew to target A4 in Ks band
  • go A4_Ks.img.xml luci2.0041-0062

12:40 skyflat with LUCi2 in Ks
  • flat for imaging in H2
  • Bias for LBC
  • flat and arc for the two field of Giallongo with and without mask.

-- %USERSIG{RobertaCarini - 2016-05-03}%


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