INAF queue observing, 2016 Jan 30-31

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Rossi
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: Olga Kuhn
Instrument: LBC


At the sunset clouds. The dome stay closed for high wind gusts (25 m/s)

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 19:20-6:10 ( 02:20-13:10 UT) = 10 h 50m

Observing time: 5h 30m (55%)

Weather time loss: 5 h (45%)

technical time loss * 0h* 0m (%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
MODSCalib       flats 5" red ok, lamps for 1" dual ok, flat 0.8" dual ok, flat 1" NOT OK!
MODSBias       bias8k, bias3k
Castellano MACSJ0717   15m OB interrupted seeing 2 out of constraints
Antoniucci NY_Ori dual grating 15m with imaging
Antoniucci V512 Per dual grating 30m with imaging
Antoniucci V1118 Ori dual grating 20m high wind
Guaita M1149 Br_gamma 0.5  


00:37 Start with MODS calibrations
  • slit flat for standard. OB slitflat_5as_r mods1r.20160131.0001-0003
  • slit arclamp for 1", dual grating mods1b.20160131.0001-0009, mods1r.20160131.0004-0012
  • slit flat for 0.8" and 1", dual grating mods1b.20160131.0010-0018, mods1r.20160131.0013-0021, the last files maybe are not good because the TO opened the dome to start observations

01:35 the TO opens the dome
  • we start with LBCs

01:42 we slew to copointing of Dotto 285179
  • the target is in the direction of the wind, we change target

01:44 we slew to copointing of Castellano, Castellano_MACSJ0717_pointing.ob
  • 1:48 dofpia, problem with the collimation we are giving correction by hand
  • 2:22 reached convergence, we run lbcrangebal

2:28 science of Castellano, executing Castellano_MACSJ0717_UV_7.ob
  • seeing 2.0" on the images, out of constrain we change program

2:44 reconfiguring for MODS

03:31 slew to target NY_Ori for Antoniucci
  • seeing 2" on the guider at 3:31
  • acq mods1r.20160131.0022-0024
  • spec mods1b.20160131.0020-0023, mods1r.20160131.0025-0028
  • seeing 1.7" at 3:42
  • seeing 1.9" at 3:53

04:02 slew to V512 Per
  • acq mods1r.20160131.0029-0031
  • spec mods1b.20160131.0024-0027, mods1r.20160131.0032-0035
  • seeing 1.5" at 4:12
  • seeing variable between 1.5 and 2.2"
  • imaging mods1b.20160131.0028-0030, mods1r.20160131.0036-0038

05:02 slewing to V1118 Ori
  • seeing 1.9" at 5:13, wind at 20m/s
  • acq mods1r.20160131.0039-0041
  • spec mods1b.20160131.0031-0034, mods1r.20160131.0042-0045
  • seeing 1.6" at 5:21
  • 5:40 lost guide star due to high wind we can not performe imaging, spectra are ok

05:43 switch to LUCI
  • average dimm seeing 2"
  • problem with the rotator of the telescope, the TO is trying to solve the problem with technicians

06:10 DOME Closed due to wind>20m/s

  • script bias8k mods1b.20160131.0035-0039, mods1r.20160131.0046-0050
  • script bias3k mods1b.20160131.0039-0044, mods1r.20160131.0051-0055

09:00 Dome open wind below 20 m/s

09:01 Slew to Guaita CD, target M1149
  • pointing, start OB at 09:10, seeing 1.2" on guider
  • scheduler problem, luci2.20160131.0001-002 NOT GOOD: mask is in FPU.
  • 09:17 start again ima luci2.20160131.0003-0032
  • seeing 1.2" on image at 09:25, keep going
  • seeing 1" on image at 9:31
  • ima luci2.20160131.0019 not good, passing cirrus
  • seeing 1,1" on image at 9:48
  • variable seeing, check image
  • seeing 1.3" on image at 09:58
  • after image luci2.20160131.0028 seeing too variable, high wind

10:05 Slew to Standard for De Barros

10:06 DOME Closed due to wind>20m/s

10:15 running MODS calibration
  • flat for 0.8" and 1" slit, to be sure, because some of the ones taken in the afternoon were with the dome opened

12:00 Wind still high, no chances to open, we finish here

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