INAF queue observing, 2016 Jan 08-09

Observer: R. Carini, A. Marchetti
Telescope Operator: Steve Allanson
Support Astronomer: Olga Kuhn


dome is closed for snow and ice

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 19:00-6:00 ( 02:00am-01:00pm UT) = 11 h 00m

Observing time: 0 hrs 0 m

Weather time loss: 11 hrs (100%)

technical time loss 0 m

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Flat + Arc Luci Iovino, Gilli, Antoniucci 200H+K, filters zj, HK_Spec    


01:20 wake up LUCI
  • take test images luci2.20160109.0001-0002

01:30 begin the calibrations for Iovino program
  • GO 2015_2016_5_HK_spec_new_cal.xml
  • flat lamp off (ten images) and with HALO3 ( ten images) luci2.0003-0022
  • flat lamp off with same time of exposure for arc with neon luci2.0023-0024
  • Neon luci2.0025-0026
  • flat off luci2.0027-0028
  • Argon luci2.0029-0030 the images are ok but the counts a little bit low, we try wit time exposure=6 sec
  • flat lamp off t=6 sec luci2.0031
  • arc with Argon luci2.0032-0033
  • in the script miss the Xenon arc, we take it manually, try with t=20 sec, it's ok, so we take another image luci2.0034-0035
  • flat lamp off with t=20sec luci.0036-0037

02:47 GO 2015_2016_5_zj_spec_new_cal.xml
  • flat without (ten images) and with HALO3 (ten images) luci2.0038-0057
  • flat lamp off t=texp(Ne) luci2.0058-0059
  • Neon luci2.0060-0061
  • flat lamp off luci2.0062-0063
  • Argon luci2.0064-0065 counts too low
  • try with t=5sec, now the counts are ok luci2.0066-0067
  • flat lamp off with t=5 sec luci2.0068-0069

03:19 Gilli Longslit calibrations
  • flat lamp off luci2.0070-0079
  • flat HALO 3 luci2.0080-0089
  • arc Neon, t=60sec luci2.0090-0091
  • flat lamp off t=60 sec luci2.0092-0095 in the first two images are present a lot of persistency
  • flat lamp off t=5 sec luci2.0096-0097
  • flat Argon, t=5 sec luci2.0098-0099
these calibrations are ok also for Antoniucci program with zj filter

04:41 Antoniucci calibrations for the HK_ filter
  • lamp off luci2.0100-0109 there is a lot of persistency
  • HALO 3 luci2.0110-0119
  • lamp off t =20 luci2.0120-0127
  • Neon t= 20 sec luci2.0128-0129
  • test Neon t=10 sec luci2.0130-0131
  • lamp off t=10 sec luci2.0132-0133
  • Argon t= 10 sec luci2.0134-0135
  • lamp off t=20 sec luci2.0136-0137
  • Xenon t= 20 sec luci2.0138-0139

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