INAF queue observing, 2015 Nov 07-Nov 08

Observer: S. Bisogni, R. Carini
Telescope Operator: Steve Allanson
Support Astronomer: Barry Rothberg on call
Instrument: LBC-MODS-LUCI


At the sunset the sky is clear, the humidity is 20%

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 19:00-5:10 ( 02:00-12:10 UT) = 10 h 10m

Observing time: 8 hrs 50 m (~90%)

Weather time loss: 0 h (0%)

technical time loss 1 h 20 m (~10%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Clementini PegasusIII, PiscesII B, V 0.3 ob from number 11 to 13, average seeing 1.3-1.5'', OUT of SPECS
Cusano AndXXI B, V 15min ob 1 and 2
Cusano AndXIX B, V 15min ob 1 and 2
Cusano And_field_1 B, V 0.5h  
Antoniucci v350cep zJspec, HKspec 0.6h (spec) completed
Antoniucci v350 cep J (ima) 0.1 h completed
Antoniucci tell v350cep   zJspec, HKspec
Antoniucci xztau zJspec, HKspec 0.6h (spec) completed
Antoniucci xztau J (ima) 0.1 h completed
Antoniucci tell xztau   zJspec, HKspec
Bellazzini H 104.4+04.1 g, r 0.2h completed
Castellano MACSJ0717.5 Uspec, V 36 min  
Phot Stand SA98 SVBg_rVi    
Skyflat V, I
Antoniucci cal   zJspec, HKspec


00:57 running SkyFlats for V-I filters

01:40 running DOFPIA, we then start trying to collimate

01:47 epar lbcrangebal
  • DIMM seeing 1.4''
  • starting with Pegasus11 (and Pisces11)
  • seeing 1.3''-1.4''

02:09 Pegasus12
  • seeing 1.15''
02:14 Pisces12
  • seeing 1.4''

02:20 Pegasus13
  • seeing 1.2-1.3''

02:26 Pisces13

02:32 Pegasus 14

02:39 we are out of specs for Clementini (average seeing 1.4''), so we slew to Cusano.

02:57 lost some time for problems with IRAF (lbcrangebal), now running AndXIX _1.ob
  • seeing 1.5''
03:07 AndXXI _1.ob

03:14 probable readout problem in one of the chips of the red channel; the image is blurred. We have to restart LBC.

03:26 starting again DOFPIA and copointing for Cusano

03:36 we are not able to copoint because lbcrangebal doesn't give the offset. We try killing and starting Iraf again. Now it works.

03:39 running AndXXI _1.ob again
  • seeing 1.5''

  • 03:51 running DOFPIA

03:55 running AndXIX _1.ob
  • 04:03 thee is no tracking in the blue channel, we are finishing this integration (that should be ok) and then we have to power-cycle LBC again
  • the blue image is not good, red image is ok
  • seeing 1.5-1.6''

04:10 DOFPIA and copointing again for Cusano

04:19 AndXXI _2.ob
  • seeing 1.3''

04:28 DOFPIA and AndXIX _2.ob
  • seeing 1.5''

04:45 And_field_1.ob
  • dofpia
  • 4:51 run science
  • 5:00 seeing variable 1''-1.3''

05:23 switch to MODS

05:47 the seeing is very bad and variable: 1.4''-2.0'' we can not do the Saracco program, the blue channel with MODS2 doesn't work, so we switch to luci2 to do the backup program of Antoniucci

06:25 acquisition target V350 Cep
  • v350_cep.xml GO luci2.20151108.0001-0007
  • 6:49 seeing 2.35''
  • 06:57 begin science luci2.0008-0015

7:25 imaging V350 Cep
  • v350_cep_im.xml luci2.0016-0021

7:35 telluric star for the target V350 Cep * v350_cep_tell.xml GO * acquisition luci2.0022-0024 * science luci2.0025-00.28 * seeing 2''-3''

7:55 slew to the program XZTau xz_tau.xml GO
  • acquisition luci2.0029-0031
  • 8:10 problem with the air compressor at the primary mirror. we stop.

8:35 the TO gives us the permission to acquire again but he have to collimate again.

08:44 xz_tau.xml GO
  • the seeing is 0.9'', we continue with the backup program because we want to be sure that the seeing is stable
  • acquisition luci2.0032-0036
  • 08:56 detector focus commit error
  • 09:08 start the science luci2.0037-0044
  • seeing 0.8'''

09:14 run imaging: xz_tau_im.xml GO luci2.0045-0050

09:20 run the telluric star for this target: xz_tau_tell.xml GO
  • 09:24 lost the guide star
  • 09:26 start again
  • acquisition luci2.0051-0050-54 erro in the acquisition, luci2 takes two images of the slit but any of the source
  • the AS reinitialize and restart the scheduler we re-load start, but error during commit.
  • 09:38 The SA start the scheduler again, we re-load the script and go
  • acquisition luci2.0055
  • science luci2.0056-0059

09:52 the seeing is good, about 1.0'', switch to LBC.

10:07 start the target of Bellazzini:H
  • 10:23 problem with the guide in the blue channel during the dofpia. we try again.

10:23 run science Bellazzini H (2015B_1_H.ob)
  • seeing 0.8''-0.9''

10:38 DOFPIA e copointing for Castellano
  • Castellano didn't provide copointing ob, so we have to chose a star near the field from the available catalogue (WT10-318)
  • 10:58 once again problem with lbcrangebal; IRAf is not working; we have to quit and start it again to do the copointing procedure
  • 11:01 run Castelllano Science (Castellano_MACSJ0717_UR_1.ob)
  • seeing 0.9''-1''
  • in the first image in the red channel there is a bit of elongation, but the next images are good
  • 11:35 we stop the integration to run DOFPIA again because in the blue channel we have some elongation
  • 11:42 Castellano_MACSJ0717_UR_1.ob again
  • seeing 0.7''
  • in the blue channel still a bit of elongation, even if we run DOFPIA 20 min ago

12:06 running DOFPIA

12:11 Castellano_MACSJ0717_UR_2.ob (only 1 image)
  • seeing 0.8''

12:24 slewing to the photometric standard SA98
  • 12:32 SA98_SBVg_Vri_Nov15.ob

12:45 V-I sky flats

13:30 Antoniucci LUCI calibrations (flats and arcs)
  • flats zJspec luci2.20151108.0060-0069
  • flats HKspec luci2.20151108.0070-0076 + luci2.20151108.0079-0081
  • arcs HKspec: neon luci2.20151108.0082-0083, argon luci2.20151108.0084-0085, xenon luci2.20151108.0086-0087
  • arcs zJspec: neon luci2.20151108.0088-0089 (dit=60s) luci2.20151108.0090-0091 (dit=30s), argon luci2.20151108.0092-0093

* WARNING!!! Luci2 data are not saved in /newdata but in /home/redout2/DATA/20151108 (/home/redout2/DATA/UTDATE)

-- %USERSIG{RobertaCarini - 2015-11-08}%


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