INAF queue observing, 2015 Oct 01-Oct 02

Observer: F. Cusano, R. Carini
Telescope Operator: Geno Bechetti
Support Astronomer: Dave Thompson
Instrument: LBC, MODS


At the sunset the sky is clear, humidity 50%

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 19:30-4:50 ( 02:30-11:50 UT) = 9 h 20m

Observing time: 9 h 20 m

Weather time loss: 0 hrs (0%)

technical time loss 0 hrs

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
standard SA 112   S, B, V, g, U; r, i, I, V, F, Y    
Bellazzini N 331.8+21.0 g,r 0.2h completed
Bellazzini Q 342.1+20.6 g,r 0.2h completed
Bellazzini O 339.0+09.0 g,r 0.2h completed
Bellazzini P 341.7+07.7 g,r 0.2h completed
Bellazzini R 345.0+07.0 g,r 0.2h completed
Clementini PegasusIII, PiscesII B,V 0.5h up to ob number 5
standard SA 92   S, B, V, g, U; r, i, I, V, F, Y    
Saracco M003XLSms1 red grating 3h  
Antoniucci V1118Ori dual grating 0.3h  
Std GD71 GD71 dual grating   in twilight


01:35 starting sky flat with LBC, too dark for S and F filters, me try B,V too dark.

01:45 slew to standar SA112,
  • dofpia
  • photometric standard for filters S, B, V, g, U in Blue arm, r, i, I, V, F, Y in Red arm
  • seeing 0.8

02:10 slew to Bellazzini N
  • dofpia
  • copointing
  • seeing 0.8
  • science ob

02:38 Bellazzini Q
  • we stop the integration, stars are elongated (see b=24500, r=24448), we run again dofpia and lbcrangebal, seeing 1.1
  • 03:00 run again Bellazzini Q
  • seeing 1.4

03:15 Bellazzini O
  • copointing
  • 3:20 science obs
  • seeing 0.8-1.0

03:35 Bellazzini P
  • copointing
  • 03:40 science obs, stars are elongated we repeat the obs
  • dofpia
  • 03:57 again science obs
  • seeing 1-1.2

04:12 Bellazzini R
  • copointing
  • 4:15 science obs, stopped at 04:25 coma aberration, we run dofpia
  • seeing 0.8
  • 4:28 science obs

04:43 we slew to Clementini program,
  • Pegasus copointing and dofpia
  • 4:51 start science obs with Pegasus_1, then Pisces_1, at 5:04 stars elongated, we run dofpia, alternating obs up to Pegasus_5 and Pisces_5
  • the blue channel has some problems, the stars appear elongated also after dofpia

05:55 slewing to standar field SA92, same filter as SA112
  • dofpia
  • ob

06:22 we switch to MODS

06:52 slew to Saracco,
  • acqMODs mods.3.xlsms1.acq, mods1.r.20151002.0002-004
  • seeing 1.1

07:07 execMODS mods.3.XLSms1_1.ob
  • mods1.r.20151002.0005-0006 these spectra are good
  • seeing 1.1
  • third offset wrong due to an initial error in the script (rgo instead of red go), we stop the integration and run the acquisition again because the last offset was carrying the bright star outside the slit

07:54 acqMODS mods.3.xlsms1.acq
  • mods.1.20151002.0007-0009

08:03 execMODS mods.3.XLSms1_1.ob
  • mods1.r.20151002.0010-0013
  • seeing 1
  • 08:38 seeing 0.8

09:15 execMODS mods.3.XLSms1_2.ob
  • seeing 0.9
  • mods1.r.20151002.0014-0017

10:27 execMODS mods.3.XLSms1_3.ob
  • mods1.r.20151002.0018-0019 these two frames have higher skycounts due to the moon
  • seeing 1.1''

11:04 slew to Antoniucci V1118 Ori
  • acqMODs v1118ori_ls.acq mods1.r.20151002.0020-0022

11:16 execMODS v1118_ls.obs
  • mods1.b.20151002.0002-0005; mods1.r.20151002.0023-0026
  • stucked integration in the blue after 2 exposures, we gave the two last exposures in blue from the dashboard

12:01 execMODS v1118.img
  • mods1.b.20151002.0006-0009; mods1.r.20151002.0027-0030 first images target saturated, exp time to 10s

12:11 acqMODs gd71.acq Standard GD71
  • mods1.r.20151002.0031-0033 in twilight

12:19 execMODS gd71.obs
  • mods1.b.20151002.0010-0012; mods1.r.20151002.0034-0036

12:39 start MODS calibration
  • Saracco cal, execMODs mods1.r.20151002.0038-0049 mods1.r.20151002.0037 not good the dome was not closed
  • Antoniucci mods1.b.20151002.0013-0015; mods1.r.20151002.0050-0052, arc dual grating 0.8
  • Antoniucci mods1.b.20151002.0016-0021; mods1.r.20151002.0053-0058, flat dual grating 0.8
  • execMODS, slitless flat red mods1.r.20151002.0059-0063
  • execMODS, arc for red std mods1.r.20151002.0064-0066
  • execMODS, flat for red std mods1.r.20151002.0067-0069
  • execMODS, flat for imaging of Antoniucci mods1.b.20151002.0022-0031; mods1.r.20151002.0070-00
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