INAF queue observing, 2015 Mar 21-22

Observer: R. Speziali, S. Bisogni
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzales Huerta
Support Astronomer: Olga on call
Instrument: LUCI - MODS -LBC-R


At the sunset the sky is mostly clear, humidity 67%.

Night duration (12\xB0 el twilight) 19:30-05:30 = 11 hrs

Observing time: 11 hrs

Weather time loss: 0 hrs (0%)

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Piconcelli A4 telluric HIP41798_Intermediate grating 150_Ks, filter Ks 4s  
Piconcelli A4 0958+2827 grating 150_Ks, filter Ks 1h COMPLETED
Fiore B goodsnorth2 dual grating + i-sloan (LBC-R) 45min average seeing 1.2'', out of spec for diff refraction?
Fiore A goodsnorth1 dual grating + i-sloan (LBC-R) 2h average seeing 1''
Mignoli MOS20 SDSSJ1411 M20 red grating 2h COMPLETED
Mignoli LBC_MOS20_r SDSSJ1411 filter z-SLOAN 30min  
Mignoli LBC_MOS20_r SDSSJ1411 filter i-SLOAN 30min  
Mignoli LBC_MOS20_r SDSSJ1411 filter r-SLOAN 15min  
Mignoli Standard Hz44 red grating 6 min  


UT 01:37 TO opens the dome

02:19 problems with the mirrors: too much forces applied to reach collimation.

Slewing to Piconcelli A4 telluric star

02:30 A4_LS_HeIJ_tell.acq luci.20150322.0002-0004

02:30 A4_LS_Ks_tell.spec luci.20150322.0005-0006

Slewing to Piconcelli A4

02:50 A4_LS_Ks.acq luci.20150322.0007-0010

03:19 setting offset by hand luci.20150322.0011-0017 problems with the telescope, it is not sending offsets.

03:47 acquiring again A4_LS_Ks.acq luci.20150322.0018-0022

04:10 A4_LS_Ks.spec
  • seeing 0.75''

04:12 errors in the log about grating unit; we launch the script again luci.20150322.0023-35

05:27 switch to MODS, slewing to FIORE B

05:52 acqMODS goodsnorth2_mos.acq ==mods1r.20150322.0002-0004
  • we try the new alignment procedure: modsAlign_exp -q goodsnorth2_mos.mms mods1r.20150322.0002.fits mods1r.20150322.0003
  • this new procedure perform a quick bias subtraction of the images (mask and field)

05:55 running DOFPIA

06:05 execMODS goodsnorth2_mos_2.obs mods1r.20150322.0005-0007 mods1b.20150322.0002-0004
  • seeing 1.3''
  • seeing 1'' at the beginning of the 3rd integration

slewing to FIORE A

07:00 acqMODS goodsnorth1_mos.acq mods1r.20150322.0008-0010
  • we run DOFPIA

07:17 execMODS goodsnorth1_mos_2.obs mods1r.20150322.0011-0014 mods1b.20150322.0005-0008
  • seeing 0.9'' during the first integration
  • 07:24 we run DOFPIA again, the stars appear elongated in LBC images
  • seeing 1.1'' during 2nd integration
  • seeing 0.9'' at the beginning of the 3rd integration
  • seeing 1.0'' at the beginning of the 4th integration

08:27 execMODS execMODS goodsnorth1_mos_3.obs mods1r.20150322.0015-0018 mods1b.20150322.0009-0012
  • seeing 1'' at the beginning of the 1st integration
  • 08:29 running DOFPIA
  • seeing 0.8'' at the beginning of the 2nd integration
  • 08:52 running DOFPIA
  • seeing 1'' during the 3rd integration

09:36 slewing to Mignoli MOS20
  • acqMODS mods.20..acq mods1r.20150322.0019-0021

09:54 execMODS mods.20.5.obs mods1r.20150322.0022-0025
  • seeing 0.7'' at the beginning of the 1st integration
  • launched 7_MOS20_z.ob
  • seeing 0.75'' at the beginning of the 2nd integration
  • seeing 0.72'' at the beginning of the 3rd integration
  • 10:50 running DOFPIA
  • seeing 0.8'' during the 4th integration
  • 10:54 launched 8_MOS20_i.ob

11:04 execMODS mods.20.6.obs mods1r.20150322.0026-0029
  • seeing 0.8'' at the beginning of the first integration
  • seeing 0.7'' at the beginning of the 2nd integration
  • seeing 0.7'' at the beginning of the 3rd integration
  • 11:48 launched 9_MOS20_r.ob
  • seeing 0.8''

slewing to Standard Mignoli MOS20

12:14 acqMODS Hz44.acq mods1r.20150322.0030-0032
  • modsAlign_exp -q -r mods1r.20150322.0030.fits

12:22 execMODS Hz44.obs mods1r.20150322.0032-0034
  • seeing 0.9''

12:40 the TO closes the dome, we run LUCI calibrations

Piconcelli A4 and B1 flats

  • A4_LS_Ks.flat luci.20150322.0037-0046
  • B1_LS_210_H.flat luci.20150322.0047.0050

-- %USERSIG{SusannaBisogni - 2015-03-22}%


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