INAF queue observing, 2015 Feb 11-12

Observer: F. Cusano, R. Carini
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: M. Edwards on call
Instrument: MODS


At the sunset it stops snowing but the temperature reaches the dew point.
At the twilight the sky is clear, the difference between temperature and dew point is increasing slowly, the TO is waiting to open the dome for security reasons, the storm is too near.
2.17 we are closed for high humidity and clouds. the temperature is at the dew point again.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
MODS Calibrations
LUCI Calibrations


12:14 we start the calibrations
  • slitless flat dual grating mods1b.20150212.0002-0009, mods1r.20150212.0002-0006
  • it's snowing

12:35 MODS get stuck running the calibrations

12:42 we start the calibration again mods1b.0010-19, mods1r.0007-0011
  • slitflats red (slit 1.2") mods1r.0012-0014
  • slitflats dual grating (every kind of slit) mods1b.20150212.0020-0025, mods1r.20150212.0015-0017
  • 01:26 move the telescope to clean the roof from the snow, we pause the calibrations.
  • 01:29 we restart the calibrations mods1b.20150212.0026-0043, mods1r.20150212.0018-0038 (slit flats dual grating)

02:31 wavelength calibrations
  • dual grating ( slit 0.6") mods1b.20150212.0044-0046, mods1r.20150212.0039-0041
  • red grating (slit 0.6") mods1r.20150212.0042-0044

02:50 Saracco B program: execMODS mods1r.20150212.0045-0048
  • Saracco C program :execMODS for Saracco C mods1r.20150212.0049-0052

03:12 Mignoli program: execMODS mods1r.20150212.0053-0056
  • execMODS mods1r.20150212.0057-0060
  • execMODS mods1r.20150212.0061-0064
  • execMODS mods1r.20150212.0065-0068

03:56 Sommariva Program (NGC 4579): execMODS mods1b.20150212.0047-51, mods1r.20150212.0069-0073

4:33 Fiore Program: execMODS mods1b.20150212.0052-56, mods1r.20150212.0074-0078
  • execMODS mods1b.20150212.0057-0061, mods1r.20150212.0079-0083

5:08 we start the calibrations with LUCI
  • Dark luci.20150212.0005-luci.20150212.0010 Antoniucci
    luci.20150212.0011-luci.20150212.0015 Piconcelli
    luci.20150212.0016-luci.20150212.0020 standard
    luci.20150212.0021-luci.20150212.0025 della Ceca
    luci.20150212.0026-luci.20150212.0035 Rossi

  • 8:30 flat antoniucci ls_200H+K_HKspec.flat luci.20150212.0036-0044
  • flat ls_200H+K_zJspec.flat luci.20150212.0045-0054
  • flat Piconcelli flat A2_LS_Ks.flat luci.20150212.0055-0064

9.03 Lamp Piconcelli A2_LS_Ks.f luci.20150212.0065-0068
  • Lamp Antoniucci ls_200H+K_zJspec.arc luci.20150212.0069-0080
  • ls__200H+K_HKspec.arc luci.20150212.0081-0092

  • flat for della Ceca programs C E Target_11C_ls_210_zjHK_K.flat luci.20150212.0093-0102
  • flat for D programs Target_11D.flat luci.20150212.0103-0112
  • Lamp della Ceca D Target_11D.arc luci.20150212.0113-0116
  • Lamp della Ceca F and G Target_11F.arc luci.20150212.0117-0120
  • Lamp della Ceca C and E Target_11E.arc luci.20150212.0121-0126

WARNING!!!!! used old scripts of flats and lamps for della Ceca programs , I do them again

  • flat F Target_11F.flat luci.20150212.0127-0136
  • flat G Target_11G.flat luci.20150212.0137-0146
  • flat C Target_11C_ls_210_zjHK_K.flat luci. 0147-0156
  • flat D Target_11D.flat luci. 0157-0166
  • flat E Target_11E.flat luci. 0167-0176

  • Lamp E Target_11E.arc luci.0177-0182
  • Lamp C Target Target_11C_ls_210_zjHK_K.arc luci.0184-0188-
  • Lamp D Target_11D.arc luci.0189-0192
  • Lamp F and G Target_11F.arc luci.0193-0196

  • program Rossi CD flat GRB020127_ls_200_H+K_HK.flat luci.0197-0216
  • Lamp CD GRB020127_ls_200_H+K_HK.arc luci.0217-0224
  • Lamp CD GRB020127_ls_200_H+K_zJ.arc luci.0225-0236
  • Flat CD GRB020127_ls_200_H+K_zJ.flat luci.0237-0256

-- %USERSIG{RobertaCarini - 2015-02-12}%


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