INAF queue observing, 2014 Dec 20-21

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Marchetti
Telescope Operator: G. Bechetti
Support Astronomer: B. Rothberg by phone
Instrument: MODS


The sky is 80% covered with thin cirrus at sunset.
Heavy clouds with some holes and variable seeing up to 2" during all the night,
we observed bright target with short exposure

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Antoniucci VYTau dual grating + img   COMPLETED
  sdssj0510 dual grating + img   COMPLETED with MODS
  XZ Tau dual grating + img   COMPLETED
  NY Ori dual grating +img   COMPLETED
  V 1143 Ori dual grating +img   COMPLETED
  V2492 cyg dual grating   1 on 3 spectra
Saracco_B RDCS red grating 30 m clouds
Della Ceca A 2XMMJ100038.9+050955 dual grating 2h COMPLETED
Standard feige110 red & dual grating    
Standard feige 34 red & dual grating   without clouds
0:20 The TO opens the dome

1:11 We acquire the standard Feige110 for Saracco_E program
  • average seeing 1.1
  • mods1r.20141221.0002-0003

1:19 We run the ob for Feige110-Red, clouds (the sx guide plot shows a dimming of the guide star of 4 mag)
  • mods1r.20141221.0004-0006

1:32 We run the ob for Feige110-Dual for Antoniucci and Fusi-Pecci programs, clouds
  • mods1b.20141221.0002-0004, mods1r.20141221.0007-0009

1:45 The clouds are very thick, we start the program of Antoniucci which have brigth target

1:49 we slew to target v2492cyg of Antoniucci, acqMODS v2492cyg_ls.acq
  • mods1r.20141221.0010-0013
  • seeing 1.5
We cannot see the object in the slit because it's too faint due to clouds, we repeat the acquisition

2.07 we repeat the acquisition acqMODS v2492cyg_ls.acq
  • mods1r.20141221.0014-0017
We cannot see the target in the acquisition, we increase the exposure time of the slitless image to 60 s

2:27 execMODS v2492cyg_ls.obs
  • mods1b.20141221.0005-0006, mods1r.20141221.0018-0019 lost guide star after the first image (spectra b0006-r0019 not good)

2:45 we do again the acquisition using lastoffset. Guide star lost

2.48 repeat acquisition with lastoffset, no guide star can be seen, we try to change target

2:55 we slew to vytau, acqMODS vytau_ls.acq, seeing 1.5
  • mods1r.20141221.0020-0022

3:13 execMODS vytau_ls.obs Antoniucci, seeing 1.1
  • mods1b.20141221.0007-0010, mods1r.20141221.0023-0027 (a spec more in the red??) * thick clouds coming in, (b0007-r0023 without clouds)
  • guide star dimming of 4 mag at 3:28UT

3:40 execMODS vytau.img (in the clouds)
  • mods1b.20141221.0011-0013, mods1r.20141221.0028-0030
  • (4;00) clouds are moving we take other 3 images mods1b.20141221.0014-0016, mods1r.20141221.0031-0033

3:45 the sky is complitely cover by clouds

4:04 some hole in the clouds we try to acquire sdssj0510 Antoniucci
  • slew to sdssj0510, acqMODS sdssj0510_ls.acq
  • mods1r.20141221.0034-0036, seeing 1.5

4:22 execMODS sdssj0510_ls.obs
  • mods1b.20141221.0017-0020, mods1r.20141221.0037-0040, seeing 1.4

4:50 execMODS sdssj0510.img
  • mods1b.20141221.0021-0023, mods1r.20141221.0041-0043

5:03 slew to XZ Tau Antoniucci, acqMODS xztau_ls.acq
  • 5:15 clouds coming in, losing the giude star
  • mods1r.20141221.0044-0046

5:19 execMODS xztau_ls.obs
  • mods1b.20141221.0024-0027, mods1r.20141221.0047-0050

5:40 execMODS xztau.img, clouds coming in, seeing 1.2
  • mods1b.20141221.0028-0030, mods1r.20141221.0051-0053

5:50 slew to Ny Ori Antoniucci, acqMODS nyori_ls.acq, clouds, guide star almost lost
  • mods1r.20141221.0054-0056

6:00 execMODS nyori_ls.obs
  • seeing 1.3, mods1b.20141221.0031-0034, mods1r.20141221.0057-0060

6:00 execMODS nyori.img
  • mods1b.20141221.0035-0037, mods1r.20141221.0061-0063, Average seeing 1.7, clouds coming in, guid star very faint

6:31 slew to v1143 Ori Antoniucci, acqMODS v1143ori_ls.acq, heavy clouds, no guide star
  • 7:20 again acqMODS v1143ori_ls.acq, sky is getting better, seeing 1.5
  • mods1r.20141221.0064-0066

7:27 execMODS v1143ori_ls.obs, seeing 1.5
  • mods1b.20141221.0038-0041, mods1r.20141221.0067-0070,seeing 1.1

7:55 execMODS v1143ori.img
  • mods1b.20141221.0042-0044, mods1r.20141221.0071-0073

8:06 slewing to Saracco_B, acqMODS mods.7.RDCSm1.acq
  • mods1r.20141221.0074-0076 seeing 1.1, some thin cirrus around

8:22 execMODS mods.7.RDCSm1_3.obs (only the last 2 offest from this ob, the first two we did yesterday)
  • mods1r.20141221.0077-0078 clouds during the first exposures (almost lost guide star at 8:34)
  • we stop after one spectra, too many clouds
  • start at 8:54 the last offset (small hole in the clouds)

9:12 slew to v1184tau Antoniucci, acqMODS v1184tau_ls.acq, still clouds around
  • thick clouds cover all the sky

9.50 we slew to DellaCeca program, acqMODS acqMODS Target_11A.acq
  • mods1r.20141221.0079-0082, problem with the guider

10:25 execMODS Target_11A.obs, seeing 0.7, good conditions of the sky
  • mods1b.20141221.0045-0047, mods1r.20141221.0083-0085
  • some thins cirrus coming in during the second exposure (11:34UT)
  • seeing 1.2 at the end of the last spectra

12:34 slew to standard of Della Ceca, acqMODS Standard_11A.acq (Feige 34)
  • mods1r.20141221.0087

12:41 execMODS Standard_11A.obs
  • dual mods1b.20141221.0048-0050, mods1r.20141221.0088-0090
  • red mods1r.20141221.0091-0093 (execMODS redfeige34.obs )

13:11 The TO closes the dome

13:18 we run the imaging flat for Antoniucci, g and r band, execMODS imflatsAnt.cal * ==mods1b.20141221.0050-0055, mods1r.20141221.0093-0098

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