INAF queue observing, 2014 Dec 18-19

Observer: F. Cusano, A. Marchetti
Telescope Operator: G. Bechetti
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn
Instrument: MODS, LUCI


The dome stays closed due to snow.
We performe calibrations.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
MODS calibration        
LUCI calibration        
00.30 we start the MODS calibration for Nascimbeni execMODS mods.hat32.cal
  • flat mods1b.20141219.0002-0003,mods1r.20141219.0002-0003
  • lamp mods1b.0004-0006, mods1r.0004-0006

1:15 slitlessMODS flat
  • dual grating mods1b.0007-0016, mods1r.0007-0011
  • red grating mods1r.0012-0016

1:24 we star the LUCI dark (we have some problems with the long exposure dark, there is a strange pattern in the frames)
  • for standard luci.20141219.0003-00012
  • for Iovino & Della ceca luci.20141219.0013-0032

2:03 doBias for MODS mods1b.0017-0026, mods1r.0017-0026

2:39 Flats for MODS standard stars
  • dual grating mods1b.0027-0032, mods1r.0027-0029
  • red grating mods1r.0030-0032

2:58 flat LUCI for Iovino
  • zj luci.20141219.0033-0044
  • hk luci.20141219.0049-0058

3:19 arc LUCI for iovino
  • zj luci.20141219.0045-0048
  • hk luci.20141219.0059-0062

3:36 arc for MODS standard stars
  • dual grating mods1b.0033-0035, mods1r.0033-0035
  • red grating mods1r.0036-0038

3:41 flat LUCI Della Ceca
  • luci.20141219.0063-0072

3:54 arc LUCi Della Ceca
  • luci.20141219.0073-0078

4:00 MODS calibration for Saracco E, execMODS mods.6.XLSSm2.cal
  • flat mods1r.0039-0041
  • arc mods1r.0042-0050

4:30 MODS calibration for Saracco B, execMODS mods.7.RDCSm1.cal
  • flat mods1r.0051
  • arc mods1r.0052-0054

4:53 MODS calibration for Saracco C, execMODS mods.11.RDCSm2.cal
  • flat mods1r.0055
  • arc mods1r.0056-0058

4:53 MODS calibration for Mignoli, execMODS mods.20..cal
  • flat mods1r.0059
  • arc mods1r.0060-0062

4:53 MODS calibration for Mignoli, execMODS mods.21..cal
  • flat mods1r.0063
  • arc mods1r.0064-0066

5:30 MODS calibration for Mignoli, execMODS mods.22..cal
  • flat mods1r.0067
  • arc mods1r.0068-0070

5:45 MODS calibration for Mignoli, execMODS mods.23..cal
  • flat mods1r.0071
  • arc mods1r.0072-0074

5:58 MODS calibration for Fiore, execMODS goodsnorth1_mos_arcflat.cal
  • flat mods1b.0036-0037, mods1r.0075-0076
  • arc mods1b.0038-0040, mods1r.0077-0079

6:15 MODS calibration for Fiore, execMODS goodsnorth2_mos_arcflat.cal
  • flat mods1b.0041-0042, mods1r.0080-0081
  • arc mods1b.0043-0045, mods1r.0082-0084

6:44 MODS calibration for FusiPecci, execMODS slitflats.cal
  • flat mods1b.0046-0051, mods1r.0085-0090

-- %USERSIG{FeliceCusano - 2014-12-19}%


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