Italian Queue 2014 Prev

Jun 22-23

Observer: E. Sani, A. Marchetti, M. Fumana
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez-Huerta
Support Astronomer: O. Khun
Instrument: MODS


At the enclosure clear sky, no wind and 44.5% humidity
The Sa confirms we lost 1h of Elias-Rosa_47_DDT integrated yesterday night. The issue could come from the PINAME string that was too long and the computer was not able to write the corresponding header on the fits file.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
EliasRosa _47_DDT SN2011fe     COMPLETED
Israel_28_A4 CXOUJ204734 Dual 1h 30min Target completed
Israel_28_A5 CXOUJ215447 Dual 1h min Last 30min acquired during twilight


01:53 the TO opens the DOME

  • EliasRosa

03:24 EliasRosa standard
  • acqMODS bd332642_ls.acq mods1r.0008-0009
  • modsAlign -r mos1r.20140623.0008.fits

*03:38 execMODS bd332642_ls.obs mods1b.=0006-0009 mods1r.0010-0012
  • Before the scientific acquisition the TO unwraps the instrument

03:57 EliasRosa science
  • acqMODS SN2011fe_ls.acq mods1r.0013-0015
  • modsAlign -l mos1r.20140623.0013.fits mos1r.20140623.0014.fits

04:10 execMODS SN2011fe_ls.obs mods1b.001-0012 mods1r.0016-0018
  • at the beginning of scientific integration the average seeing on the GCS is 0.9
  • During the 3h the seeing ranges 0.6-1.0

07:20 The TO unwrap the telescope

07:29 acqMODS 28A4_catsj204734_ls_180.acq mods1r.0019-0021
  • modsAlign -l mods1r.20140623.0019.fits mods1r.20140623.0020.fits

07:49 execMODS 28A4_catsj204734_ls.obs (CXOUJ204734) mods1b.0013-0016 mods1r.0022-0025
  • at the beginning of scientific integration the average seeing is 0.9 on the CGS
  • the integration is within the seeing specs

09:30 Slew to A5. Acquisition mods1r.0026-0027
  • acqMODS 28A5_catsj215447_ls.acq using lastOffset offsetxy -3.594 9.553 rel
  • Wrong slit in the script.
  • acqMODS -i 28A5_catsj215447_ls.acq
  • acqMODS -a 28A5_catsj215447_ls.acq
  • Manual offset -0.123,0

09:44 execMODS 28A5_catsj215447_ls.obs (CXOUJ215447) mods1b.0017-0020 mods1r.0028-0031
  • We performed the last 30min of integration during twilight. We decide to split the exposure in 2 exposure 15min long
  • mods1b.0019 and mods1r.0030 EXPTIME=15min
  • mods1b.0020 and mods1r.0031 EXPTIME=15min. High background

11:24 the TO closes the DOME
  • run flats with dual grating and LS60x5x1.2 mods1b.0021-26 and mods1r.0032-37
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