25Marzo 2014

Observer: F. Cusano, R. Carini, M. Faccini
Telescope Operator: Steve Allanson
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn (on call)
Instrument: MODS


Before the sunset the sky was partly cloudy, humidity was at 32% and there was a low wind. Some problems with modsView and modsAlign in the station obs2, after few check it seams to be caused by the Ob directory "Antoniucci Bckup". After the execution of the Antoniucci_bckup OB the sky became clear and the seeing good.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Antoniucci_bkup V1118Ori dual grating 20m COMPLETED
Gilli_4Q1 J1048 Mask1 red grating 2h COMPLETED
Gilli_4Q2 J1048 Mask2 red grating 2h COMPLETED
Standard Feige34 red grating + dual grating - airmass 1.26 - Default 5" slit
Vanzella C RXJ1532 Mask 4 dual grating 1h  
Vanzella C RXJ1532 Mask 5 dual grating 1h  


00:05 We have waked MODS

02:35 average seeing on the GCS 1.4 arc sec
  • start the acquisition of the backup Antoniucci
  • acqMODS V1118Ori _ls.acq mods1r.20140325.0001-modsr.20140325.0002
  • problems with modsView and modsAlign in the station obs2, we start modsAlign in obs3

2:40 modAlign -l mods1r.2014324.0001-0002==0003

2:50 execMODS V1118Ori _ls.obs mods1r.0004-0007,mods1b.0001-0004

3:18 execMODS V1118Ori _ls.img mods1b.0005-0007

3:27 average seeing on the GCS 1 arc sec. Slew to Gilli_Q1*
  • acqMODS 4Q1_J1048_M1_mos.acq mods1r.0008-0009
  • modAlign mods.6.mms 0008-0009 mods1r.0010
  • we give a manual offset mods1r.0011-0013

4:00 execMODS 4Q1_J1048_M1_mos5.obs mods1r.0014-0017
  • seeing 0.8-0.9

5:09 execMODS 4Q1_J1048_M1_mos6.obs mods1r.0018-0021
  • seeing 0.8-1

06:19 Gilli_Q2
  • acqMODS 4Q2_J1048_M2_mos.acq mods1r.0022-0024

06:35 execMODS 4Q2_J1048_M2_mos_5.obs mods1r.0025-0028
  • seeing 0.9

7:45 execMODS 4Q2_J1048_M2_mos_6.obs mods1r.0029-0032
  • seeing 0.9

8:50 Slew to the Standard Star Feige 34
  • acqMODS feige34.acq mods1r.0033
  • modAlign -r mods1r.0033 mods1r.0034

8:59 execMODS feige34.obs mods1r.0035-0037 with red grating

9:12 execMODS feige34.obs mods1r.0038-0040, mods1b.0008-0010 dual grating

9.27 Slew to Vanzella C
  • acqMODS rxj1532_mos.acq
  • stop the acquisition to unwrap the derotator

9.32 acqMODS rxj1532_mos.acq==mods1r.0041-0042==

9:40 modsAlign rxj1532_mos.mms mods1r.0041 mods1r.0042 mods1r.0043
  • seeing 0.7-0.8

9:50 execMODS rxj1532_mos_4.obs mods1r.0044-0045,  mods1b.0011-0012
  • seeing 0.75-0.8

11:00 execMODS rxj1532_mos_5.obs mods1r.0046-0047,  mods1b.0013-0014
  • seeing 0.8-0.9

12.15 Bias
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