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Mar 07-08

Observer: M. Fumana, R. Speziali, S. Bisogni
Telescope Operator: Geno
Support Astronomer: Michelle (on call)
Instrument: LBC


At the sunset windy and 90% Humidity.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Vanzella D macsj0744 dual grating 1h bad seeing, clouds
Gilli Q2 macsj0744 dual grating 1h bad seeing, clouds


02:00 The TO opens the dome


02:15 mods.macsj0744_mos.acq
  • Seeing 1.8"

02:26 execMODS mods.macsj0744_mos_1.mos mods1b 0001 mods1r 0004

03:10 ABORTED due to humidity

03:45 The TO opens the dome

03:53 mods.macsj0744_mos.acq

04:07 TO has to clear the optics.

04:09 mods.macsj0744_mos_recovery.acq
  • Seeing 2"
  • Clouds
  • execMODS mods.macsj0744_mos_2.mos mods1b 0002 mods1r 0010
05:14 ABORTED due to clouds

05:15 TO closes the dome.

06:30 The TO opens the dome

  • GILLI Q2

06:40 acqMODS 4Q2_J1048_M2_mos.acq
  • modsAlign

06:45 execMODS 4Q2_J1048_M2_mos_2.obs
  • Seeing 1"

07:14 EXP STOPPED due to clouds
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