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Mar 06-07

Observer: M. Fumana, R. Speziali, S. Bisogni
Telescope Operator: Geno
Support Astronomer: Michelle (on call)
Instrument: LBC


At the sunset heavy clouds. Sky covered.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Clementini IZw18 V Bessel, I Bessel 10min  
Bellazzini X HVC290.19 g-Sloan, r-Sloan 10min 40s  
Bellazzini O HVC28.09 g-Sloan, r-Sloan 10min 40s  
Bellazzini N HVC326.91 g-Sloan, r-Sloan 10min 40s  
Bellazzini V HVC324.03 g-Sloan, r-Sloan 10min 40s  
Bellazzini T HVC330.13 g-Sloan, r-Sloan 10min 40s  
Bellazzini H HVC 13.60 g-Sloan, r-Sloan 10min 40s  
Bellazzini I HVC 13.63 g-Sloan, r-Sloan 10min 40s  
Grazian E GOODS-North B Bessel, r-Sloan 1h 20min  


03:00 The TO opens the dome


03:43 copointing Nascimbeni

03:47 trying to do DOFPIA.

03:50 rangebal

04:00 DOFPIA
  • some problems with DOFPIA, it can't find images in /newdata

04:15 gj436_1.ob, taking a test image

04:22 we stop the script and run DOFPIA again

04:30 gj436_pointing.ob

04:34 the TO sends the offset to defocus, blue channel ok, red channel no (saturated)
  • a new offset sent to blue channel damaging the defocus
  • red still saturated

04:44 due to clouds no way to defocus in the proper way, Time out for the transit, we switch to other targets


04:56 slewing to Clementini * IZw18_copointing.ob launched and stopped, then DOFPIA

05:14 repeating DOFPIA after setting back the global offset on Z.

05:29 OB#1 * Seeing 0.7"


05:45 slewing to Bellazzini_X

05:47 DOFPIA

06:00 Error with lbcrangebal

06:07: Bellazzini X

06:24 Standard 101

06:45 slewing to Bellazzini O + DOFPIA + rangebal

06:57 Bellazzini O

07:10 Filter problem

07:18 dofpia again

07:23 Bellazzini O again

07:39 Bellazzini N
  • dofpia
  • rangebal

07:39 Bellazzini N
  • wind gusts up to 19m/s
  • seeing=1.1"

08:05 slewing to Bellazzini V + DOFPIA

08:27 slewing to Bellazzini T =DOFPIA

08:35 6_T.ob

08:50 slewing to Bellazzini H+DOFPIA
  • filter HW FAILURE

09:11 Bellazzini H again * DIMM SEEING = 1.8"

09:25 SA104 DOFPIA

09:25 SA104 OB * DIMM SEEING = 1.6"

09:42 slewing to Bellazzini I+DOFPIA+rangebral

09:53 Bellazzini I.ob * DIMM SEEING = 1.1"


10:13 slewing to Grazian BR *grazian_GOODSN_BR_01.ob

10:50 grazian_GOODSN_BR_02.ob

11:17 DOFPIA

11:22 grazian_GOODSN_BR_03.ob

11:51 grazian_GOODSN_BR_04.ob

11:57 Shutter error in the blue channel

11:59 grazian_GOODSN_BR_04.ob

12:44 Sky Flats (quite heavy clouds)
  • g-Sloan, I Bessel
  • V Bessel, r-Sloan
  • B Bessel, r-Sloan

13:30 the TO closes the dome

13:36 BIAS
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