INAF queue observing, 2014 Jan 27-28

Observer: E. Sani, F. Cusano, S. Bisogni, R. Carini
Telescope Operator: G. Becchetti
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn
Instrument: MODS


Night in shared time with AZ time. We start observations at 07:30 UT
At the beginning of observations we have thin cirrus above the orison (NO direction), low wind ans humidity at 26%.
N.B. The seeing from the GCS is overestimated by 10% because the MODs guider is out of focus.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Standard Feige34 red grating - airmass 1.02. Default 5" slit + 1" slit
Gilli_4 J1048 Mask1 red grating 3.5h the last 1.5h have an average seeing out of specs


07:40 ready to operate with MODS
  • we slew to the standard star Feige 34

07:45 acqMODS feige34.acq mods1r.20140127.0156-mods1r.20140128.002
  • modsAlign -r mods1r.20140127.0156

07:57 execMODS feige34.obs mods1r 0003-0005

08:11 acqMODS -i feige34_LS5x60x1.acq mods1r 0006-0008
  • acqMODS -a feige34_LS5x60x1.acq
  • modsAlign -l mods1r 0006 mods1r 0007

08:18 execMODS feige34_LS5x60x1.obs mods1r 0009-0011

08:32 acqMODS 4Q1_J1048_M1_mos.acq mods1r 0012-0014
  • modsAlign mods.6.mms mods1r 0012-0013

08:53 execMODS 4Q1_J1048_M1_mos_1.obs mods1r 0015-0018
  • average seeing on the GCS 1.2 arc sec

10:02 execMODS 4Q1_J1048_M1_mos_2.obs mods1r 0019-0022
  • average seeing on the GCS 1.2 arc sec
  • clear sky, thin cirrus totally passed away

11:17 execMODS 4Q1_J1048_M1_mos_3.obs mods1r 0023-0026
  • average seeing on the GCS 1.3 arc sec

12:25 execMODS 4Q1_J1048_M1_mos_4.obs mods1r 0027-0028
  • average seeing on the GCS 1.4 arc sec

13:04 the TO rests the shell and close the dome

13:17 We start flat and lamp calibrations
  • execMODS mods1r 0029-0032 for program Gilli_4_Q1
  • execMODS mods1r 0033-0037 slitless flats
  • execMODS mods1r 0038-0040 pixel flats
  • execMODS mods1r 0041-0042 same but with 5 arcssec. Heavily saturated
  • execMODS mods1r 0043 with 1s integration still saturad
  • execMODS mods1r 0044-0048 with 1arcsec slit, 1s integration
  • execMODS mods1r 0049 with 1s integration and using vflat5 lamp. low counts
  • execMODS mods1r 0050 with 2s integration and using vflat5 lamp. good
  • execMODS mods1r 0051 flats for program Gilli_4_Q1 with 2s integrations. Saturated
  • ./doBias mods1r 0052-0061, mods1b 0001-0010 bias 8kx3k and 3kx3k

-- EleanoraSani - 27 Jan 2014
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