INAF queue observing, 2013 May 10-11

Observer: F. Cusano, R. Speziali
Telescope Operator: S. Allanson
Support Astronomer: O. Kuhn
Instrument: LBC


At 0:30 UT the TO communicates us that the secondary mirror will be out of order up to the end of the observing run,
for this reason we can not use MODS.
At the sunset clouds covering all the sky with some snow.
During the night the weather condition improved and we opened the dome around 05:30.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Grazian_30A GOODS_Norht Uspec, r 0.5h we repeated the ob twice, during the first execution there were clouds
Photometric STD SA107 U, B, Uspec, g; V, r, i, I 12 m  
Piotto_34B M13 B, V 4.1m x 3.2m executed twice, the first set of red image was out of focus
Piotto_34B M13 U, i 100m x 59m completed
Calibration sky flat g, r    


05:27 Open the dome

05:35 Slewing to grazian_30A

05:37 dofpia,/first,/X2

05:42 launched grazian_pointing.ob (seeing 1.1), lbcrangebal

05:47 dofpia again

05:54 launched grazian_GOODS_UR_39.ob (some cirrus, seeing 1 arcsec);
-in frame b_060229 there are only few stars, clouds passing through
- blue out of focus from b_61815 stopped

06:23 dofpia, /X2

06:41 launched again grazian_GOODS_UR_39.ob (seeing 1 arcsec, clear sky)

07:23 slew to standard field SA107

07:27 dofpia, /X2

07:35 launched SA107_UBUsgVriI.ob

07:50 slew to Piotto (M13)

07:53 dopfia, /X2

07:59 copointing with one of the star in the database

08:05 launched M13_BV_6.ob (red images out of focus we have to repeat the b)

08:12 dofpia, /X2

08:25 launched M13_BV_6.ob (seeing 0.9 arcsec, clear sky)

08:34 launched M13_Ui_1.ob

08:55 dofpia, /X2

09:03 launched M13_Ui_2.ob (stopped, 90358 elongated stars in the image)

09:10 dofpia, /X2

09:14 launched M13_Ui_2.ob (objects in both channels slightly elongated, maybe is the rotator the object is near the zenith)

09:36 dofpia,/X2

09:41 launched M13_Ui_3.ob

10:02 dofpia,/X2

10:06 launched M13_Ui_4.ob

10:32 dofpia, /X2

10:35 launched M13_Ui_5.ob, we lowered the exposure time to 100s in the i-band because there were a lot of saturated stars

10:57 dofpia, /X2

11:05 launched M13_Ui_6.ob, we put again 121s as exposure time in the red (no better result with 100s); last images in twilight

11:44 starting sky flat g, r

12:00 the TO closes the dome

-- FeliceCusano - 11 May 2013
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