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INAF queue observing, 2013 April 4 - April 5

Observer: E. Sani, M. Faccini, A. Bongiorno
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzales Huerta
Support Astronomer: M. Edwards
Instrument: LBC


At the beginning of the twilight we have a completely cloudy sky. The dome remains closed due to rain risk.
Forecasts for the night foreseen bad seeing and partly cloudy, we thus require to use MODS. The crew is using the dome-closed time to replace the BCU grating and run tests for M2.
At the beginning of scientific operations we have low wind, 20% humidity with thick stratified clouds.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Annibali_23A NGC4449 dualgrating 45min COMPLETE
Israel_DDT CATS170113 dualgrating 2h COMPLETE


06:11 The TO opens the Dome
  • conditions close to limit

06:41 acqMODS mods.4449runa.acq mods1r 0002-0004

06:47 modsAlign mods.4449runa.mms mods1r 0002 mods1r 0003

06:58 execMODS mods.4449runa_short.obs mods1r 005 mods1b 002
  • The seeing at the beginning of the observation is ~0.7 on the GCS
  • The seeing at the beginning of the observation is ~1.0 on the GCS
  • out of specifications because of the sky transparency

07:47 acqMODS cats170113.acq mods1r 0006-0007

07:55 modsAlign -l mods1r 0006 mods1r 0007
  • we do not see the target in the image for the alignment. Acquisition aborted.

08:07 TO closes the dome because of rain risk

08:46 TO opens the dome
  • sky conditions are still thick.

08:49 acqMODS cats170113.acq mods1r 0008-0010 with 4 times the previous exposure

09:11 modsAlign -l mods1r 0008 mods1r 0009

09:20 execMODS cats170113.obs mods1r 0011-0014 mods1b 0003-0006
  • At the beginning of scientific integration the average seeing on the GCS is 1.1

11:30 Slew to Israel_DDT CATS19
  • acqMODS CATS191043.acq mods1r 0015-0016
  • modsAlign -l mods1r 0015 mods1r 0016
  • target too faint, we abort the acquisition

11:44 acqMODS CATS191043.acq mods1r 0017-0019
  • we repeat the acquisition increasing the time X 5
  • modsAlign -l mods1r 0017 mods1r 0018

12:08 execMODS CATS191043_short.obs mods1r 0020 mods1b 007 12:18 the target is not visible even increasing x5 the integration time. Moreover we are entering in twilight. Thus we do not execute the science ob

12:20 end of the night

-- EleanoraSani - 05 Apr 2013
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