INAF LBC queue observing, 2013 January 16-17

Observer: M.Faccini, R. Speziali, F.Cusano
Telescope Operator: G.Bechetti
Support Astronomer: O. Khun
Instrument: LBC


We had problems to focus the telescope at the beginning of the night (almost one hour lost), at the beginning of the night outside temperature 3-4 degree C while mirror temperature -4. Average seeing of the night 1 arcsec. We carried out the program Giallondo 27D and part of Grazian 30A.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Giallondo 27D CLJ0956+41 g-sloan,r-sloan 2h total exposure time >2h, but some images were out of focus
Grazian 30A GOODSN STD-Uspec, r-sloan 2h total exposure time >2h, but some images were out of focus
Standard SA98 STD-Uspec,Y,g,r    
Sky flats   V-Johnson, I-Johnson    


-- MarcoFaccini - 17 Jan 2013

00:53 Dome open

00:54 Starting sky flat test

01:12 Starting sky flats in V-I Johnson

01:40 Due to high temperature compared to yesterday, SA decided to move the red camera of about 3/4 mm

02:11 Slew to Battaglia A3-A4 pointing

02:14 dopfia /first /X2

02:21 dopfia stopped, giving focus offset correction manually

02:24 dopfia /X2, did not work we are trying manually

03:04 We slew to the standard field IC1613, because is much more crowded and maybe we can find more pupils

03:09 Launched IC613-VI.ob, stars out of focus

03:14 Sent again dopfia

03:23 We slew to the scientific target Battaglia A3-A4

03:39 dopfia /X2

03:46 Launched LGS3_PAm90_1.ob, first images not good, stars have some coma, the seeing is good

04:43 Slew to standard filed SA98

04:46 dopfia

04:51 Launched SA_98Usgr.ob

05:01 Slew to scientific target Giallongo 27D

05:02 dopfia

05:07 Launched CLJ0956+41_GR_POINTING.ob

05:12 Launched CLJ0956+41_GR_e.ob

05:42 Images out of focus in both channels, we stopped the execution (b054027.fits,r054027.fits)

05:45 dopfia

06:22 Ob stopped due to star out of focus

06:23 dopfia

06:27 dopfia stuck, start again

06:32 Launched CLJ0956+41_GR_f.ob

07:15 dopfia /X2

07:24 Launched CLJ0956+41_GR_b.ob

08:05 dopfia

08:12 Launched CLJ0956+41_GR_a.ob

08:19 Ob stopped and executed dopfia again

08:24 Launched CLJ0956+41_GR_a.ob

08:33 Ob stopped again

08:44 Several tests with dopfia due to stars out of focus

09:17 Launched CLJ0956+41_GR_a.ob

10:01 Slew to GRAZIAN 30A, pointing

10*05 dopfia /X2

10:15 Launched grazian_GOODSN_UR_01.ob, elongated stars in the blue channel, stopped at 17/20

10:51 dopfia

10:52 Launched grazian_GOODSN_UR_02.ob

11:38 dopfia

11:42 Launched again grazian_GOODSN_UR_01.ob to take the last images

11:50 Launched grazian_GOODSN_UR_03.ob

12:24 stopped, elongated stars in the blue channel (16/20)

12:24 dopfia

12:30 Launched again grazian_GOODSN_UR_03.ob to finish the ob

12:39 Launched grazian_GOODSN_UR_04.ob

13:28 started sky flat test

13:43 sky flat started V-I Johnson
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