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INAF LBC+MODS+LUCI queue observing, 2012 December 02-03

Observer: E. Sani, F. Cusano, M. Fumana
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez Huerta
Support Astronomer: M. Edwars
Instrument: LUCI1


The sky is photometric at the beginning of the night, then during the integration of the fist target some cirrus arrive
The seeing is almost random, 1.5 at the beginning of the night, 0.7-.08 during the first Cresci scrip then gets worse again
Cirrus passing during the last part of the night
At the end of night we obtained LUCI sky flats for Turatto imaging + flats and arcs + dark for Cresci and Turatto . Dark frames for this data can be found in UT20121204 and UT20121205.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Cresci_28A DSF2237a H, 210_zJHK 2h25m some data out of specs due to the highly variable seeing and passing cirrus, we repeat 1h the next night. Tell+calib
Turatto_07 CSS121015 J 200s imaging, no photometric standard required - COMPLETED
Turatto_07 CSS121015 H 200s imaging, no photometric standard required - COMPLETED
Turatto_07 CSS121015 Ks 200s imaging, no photometric standard required - COMPLETED
Turatto_07 CSS121015 zJspec,200_H+K 1h20m Tell+calib - COMPLETED
Turatto_07 PSNJ07250042 J 120s imaging, no photometric standard required - COMPLETED
Turatto_07 PSNJ07250042 H 120s imaging, no photometric standard required - COMPLETED
Turatto_07 PSNJ07250042 Ks 120s imaging, no photometric standard required - COMPLETED
Turatto_07 PSNJ07250042 zJspec,200_H+K 1h Tell+calib - COMPLETED
Turatto_07 PSNJ07250042 HKspec,200_H+K 1h Tell+calib - COMPLETED


00.24 Opening the dome

00:59 tell_acq_campoA.txt luci.20121203.0003-0006 * seeing 1.5"

01:17 tell_int_campoA_H.txt luci.20121203.0007-0014

1:22 acq_campoA.txt luci.20121203.0015-0022
  • 1.45 -0.5y offset by hand
  • 1:46 0.5x offset by hand
  • 1:51 0.2x offset by hand

01:53 sci_campoA_H_1.txt luci.20121203.0023-0034 02.27 Some cirrus is arriving

01:53 sci_campoA_H_2.txt luci.20121203.0035-43
  • Script interupt after 9 exposures: problem in script offset 36-38-40-42 exposures are only sky frame, no object in slits

03.00 sci_campoA_H_2.txt luci.20121203.0044-0050

04.04 slew to Turatto CSS
  • luci.21203.0051-0063
  • No way to identify the target and center it because of the bad seeing 2.0"

04.52 Slew to CSS121015 imaging.
  • CSS121015_Ks.img luci.21203.0064-0067

05.01 slew to the zenit to change the camera from N1.8 to N3.75

05:04 CSS121015_Ks.img luci.21203.0068-0071

05.14 CSS121015_H.img luci.21203.0072-0075

05.14 CSS121015_J.img luci.21203.0076-0079

05.31 Slew to the zenit to change the camera from N3.75 to N1.8

05.35 Try again to perform the spectroscopic acquisition for CSS20121015
  • CSS121015.acq luci.20121203.0080-0086

05.10 CSS121015_zJ.spec luci.20121203.0087-0097

07:10 Loose of the guiding star because of low elevation
  • Slew to the telluric
  • The TO tries to collimate somewhere else with airmass ~1 because of low elevation of the target

07.21 Hip16095.acq luci.20121203.0098-0104

07.28 luci.20121203.0105-0106

8.03 Slew to Turatto_07 PSN after changing the guiding star with a brighter one.
  • PSNJ07250042.acq luci.20121203.0107-0111

8.20 PSNJ07250042_zJ.spec luci.20121203.0112-0123

9.26 PSNJ07250042_HK.spec
  • Wrong order of the 200_H+K grating. quickly fixed by the S.A.
  • We require the S.A. to fix a problem with the camera. Need to slew to Zenith.
  • Risk to close the dome because of strong wind

9.43 Hip42853.acq luci.20121203.0124-0126
  • We decide to slew to the telluric to do not miss the zJ science

9.53 Hip42853_HK.spec luci.20121203.0127-0128

9.56 Hip42853_zJ.spec luci.20121203.0129-0130
  • The wind is decreasing, after the telluric we can go back to the target

9.59 PSNJ07250042.acq luci.20121203.0131-0140
  • The acquisintion is tricky due to passing cirrus

10.36 Because of high wind we have SHELL RIP

10.41 PSNJ07250042.acq luci.20121203.0141-0146
  • We need to re-acquire the target due to the problems with the secondary mirror

10.59 PSNJ07250042_HK.spec luci.20121203.0147-0158

12.10 Slew to the zenith to change the camera and perform science integration

12.23 PSNJ07250042_J.img
  • Problems with collimation, we change the guiding star

12.32 PSNJ07250042_J.img luci.20121203.0159-0162

12.37 PSNJ07250042_H.img luci.20121203.0163-0166

12.44 Slew to Turatto_07 SN2012ab
  • Impossible to collimate because the guiding star is to faint compared to the increasing twilight

13:00 Slew to luci night sky flat for Turatto_07
  • H band skyfltas luci.20121203.0168-0175
  • Ks band skyflats luci.20121203.0179-0185
  • The J band skyflats have to be acquired
  • We decide however to reacquire the night sky flats because at the end of the integrations there are cirrus all over the sky.

?? Dome closed

13.45 We acquire flats for Cresci_28A and Turatto_07
  • Turatto_PSN_HK.flat luci.20121203.0188-0197
  • Turatto_PSN_zJ.flat luci.20121203.0198-0207
  • Turatto_CSS.flat luci.20121203.0208-0217
  • flat_campoA_H.txt luci.20121203.0218-0227
  • flat_campoA_K.txt luci.20121203.0228-0229 luci.20121203.0230-0240
  • arc_campoA_H.txt luci.20121203.0241-0243
  • arc_campoA_K.txt luci.20121203.0244-0247
  • arc_campoA_zJ.txt luci.20121203.0248-0253
  • Turatto_PSN_zJ.arc luci.20121203.0254-

-- VincenzoTesta - 03 Dec 2012
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