INAF LBC+MODS+LUCI queue observing, 2012 October 22-23

Observer: M. Faccini, E. Sani, K. Boutsia
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez Huerta
Support Astronomer: M. Edwars
Instrument: LUCI


At the sunset there are no clouds, clear sky. We open dome at 1.00UT
At the beginning of the observation the seeing is 1.1 and there is low wind
During the Cresci A observetions the seeing is 0.5-0.6
During the WASP33 transit the seeing increases to 0.8-0.9 and the wind reaches 15 m/s
At the end of the night there are collimation problems with LUCI.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Standard Hipp104320 H/210_zJHK   We repeat the telluric acquisition and integration because the spectrum appear too faint
Cresci 28A DSF2237a H/210_zJHK 1h10m flat+arc+Tell
Sozzetti 22B WASP33b HKspec/200_H+K 6hr While the target is transiting, the flexure compensation cannot handle how fast the rotator is moving - COMPLETE


1:27 We slew to telluric for the program Cresci A (luci.20121023.*.fits)
  • tell_acq_campoA.txt luci.0004-0010

1:45 tell_int_campoA_H.txt luci.0011-0018
  • We repeat the telluric acquisition because the spectrum appear too faint compared to the one acquired 2 nights ago
  • tell_int_campoA_H.txt luci.0019-0021

1:53 tell_int_campoA_H.txt luci.0022-0029

1:59 acq_campoA.txt luci.0030-0035

2:32 sci_CampoA_H_1.txt luci.0036-0049

3:53 Abort Cresci to slew for the wasp33 Transit
  • spec_acq_science_22NEW.text

03:59 abort preset to check pointing
  • repeat preset - spec_acq_science_22NEW.text luci.0050-0056

04:27 spec_science_B_22new.text luci.0057-0406

07:37 the target is transiting and the flexure compensation cannot handle how fast the rotator is moving.

08:21 As suggested by the S.A., we stop the script and re-start it again to try to fix the problem.
  • spec_science_B_22new.text luci.0407-0586
  • We check the difference between an image before the problem and after we restarted the script and we find 2 px offset.

10:22 We slew to Hunt 8AB
  • the collimation is not good - we need to go to a brighter star and collimate. This happens more than once.
  • The stars appear elongated due to wind buffeting.
  • GRB020127acquisition_blind.script luci.0587-0596

11:16 The proble with the GCS persists, we slew to La Franca A3 NGC 3079
  • OB_LaFranca_A3_acq.txt luci.0596-0613
  • We repeat the acquisition because the script does not have the correct position angle

12:16 OB_LaFranca_A3_spe.txt luci.0614-0618
  • We interrupt the script to acquire the telluric before the twilight

12:51 We slew to the standard star for La Franca A3
  • OB_LaFranca_STD3_acq.txt luci.0619-0621

12:59 We interrupt the acquisition because the GCS can not guide due to twilight

1:35 We start calibrating
  • OB_LaFranca_CAL_flat.txt luci.0622-0673
  • spec_flat_lamp_22new.text luci.0764-0703
  • flat_campoA_H.txt 0704-0717
  • OB_LaFranca_CAL_lamp.txt 0718-0729
  • dark_nor.txt 0730-0759 dark files for WASP 33

3:18 End of the night

-- RobertoSpeziali - 23 Oct 2012
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