INAF LBC+MODS+LUCI queue observing, 2012 October 21-22

Observer: M. Faccini, E. Sani, K. Boutsia
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzalez Huerta
Support Astronomer: M. Edwars
Instrument: MODS and LBC


Heavy clouds on sky at sunset. We open dome at 1:44UT.
Observation started with seeing 1.8"
We started Gilli 18C to complete yesterday's program. Due to bad seeing conditions we started the program from the beginning to have the possibility to chose the spectra taken with the right constraint
We continue with Fritz 4B, but the seeing is getting around 2 at the beginning of the target acquisition
The humidity tend to increase (73%) and the seeing to get better at the beginning of Fritz 4B integration
Program Giallongo 27A blue channel jumping after first exposure.
At 8:57UT we close for high humidity and we stay closed for the rest of the night.

Data Summary

Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Gilli 18C 2XMMJ22 red-grating 1h 30m we repeated the whole program because the seeing is hight - considered COMPLETE
Standard Feige 110 red-grating    
Fritz 4B GG94 dual-grating 2h 40m we took an extra exposure because of seeing being slightly out of specs - considered COMPLETE
Standard G191B2b dual-grating / red-grating    
Giallongo 27A MS0015 dual channel 15m blue side jumping again - we had to close for humidity


11:57 Repeat yesteeday's MODS calibs
  • execMODS mods1b 0002-0006 second flat is saturated
  • execMODS mods1b 0007-0016
  • execMODS mods1b 0017-0019
  • execMODS mods1r 0002-0004
  • execMODS mods1r 0005-0009
  • execMODS mods1r 0010-0014
  • execMODS mods1r 0015-0019
  • execMODS mods1b 0020-0029

01:43 The clouds are gone and we open the dome

02:07 Gilli_18C$ acqMODS 2xmmj22NEW.acq mods1r 0020-0022

02:23 Gilli_18C$ execMODS 2xmmj22.obs mods1r 0023-0026

3:33 acqMODS standard.for.2xmmj22.feige110.acq mods1r 0027-0028
  • modsAlign -r mods1r.20121022.0027.fits
  • execMOds standard.for.2xmmj22.feige110.obs mods1r 0029-0031

3:53 We start Fritz program B acqMODS GG94.acq mods1r 0032-0034
  • on the 0033 image there is scattered light

4:07 execMODS GG94.obs mods1r 0035-0037 / mods1b 0030-0032
  • the seeing is decreasing to 1.6 at the beginning of the target acquisition
  • at the end of the first exposure seeing is ~1.1"-1.2"
  • execMODS GG94.obs GG94SHORT.obs mods1r 0038 / mods1b 0033
  • We repeat the integration of one frame to have the total exposure time within the seeing required by the PI.

7:00 acqMODS g191b2b.acq mods1r 0039-0040
  • modsAlign -r mods1r.2012.10.22.0039.fits

7:09 execMODS -b DualGrating g191b2b.obs mods1r 0041-0043 / mods1b 0034-0036
  • execMODS G191B2b.obs mods1r 0044 -0045/ mods1b 0037
  • We repeat the STD because in r0041-0043 and b0034-0036 there are few counts at the faint end of the spectra

7:34 We switch to LBC * At the beginning of the switch the seeing is 1.0-1.1

8:03 pointing Giallongo 27A
  • dofpia , /first, /X2
  • lbcrangebal

8:24 starting observation MS0015.9+16_GR_d
  • light cirrus passing frough
  • blue image elongated 083732

8:44 blue channel jumping
  • dofpia,/X2

8:47 restarting giallongo 27A d

8:57 close for humidity

09:12 While we are closed - we start with MODS calibrations for the Fritz program
  • execMODS mods1r 0046-0063 / mods1b 0038-0049
  • execMODS mods1r 0064-0066 / mods1b 0050-0052 repeated twice because the blue channel at some point was not saving the images
  • execMODS mods1r 0067-0069 / mods1b 0053-0055
  • execMODS mods1r 0070-0074 / mods1b 0056-65

11:28 humidity still over 80% TO decide to not re-open the dome for the tonight

-- RobertoSpeziali - 21 Oct 2012
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