INAF LBC+LUCIFER queue observing, 2011 April 03 -04

Observer: R. Speziali, K. Boutsia
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzales
Support Astronomer: M. Pedani
Instrument: LUCIFER


Unable to open due to strong wind (>20m/sec) in 2/3rds of the night
In the LUCIFER image header the RA appears with a + in front since the beginning of our run
When we open the dome we have a big temperature difference of ~7deg between the mirror and ambient
When we start observing the difference is 5deg
2hrs of observing time

Data Summary

Project Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Maiolino HDF_K2 200H+K+ OrderSep 1hr no calibration data obtained - use 02110402 (??)


* ~3:00* LBC tests. Taken several images with different filters to test the camera.
  • The red camera had unrecoverable error at the beginning of the tests.
  • By switching off and on a coupple of times the two cameras we could restart the test.
  • No problems for the remaining hundreds images.

10:11 - Open Dome
  • The first image estimate on the AGW and dimm show ~2.0''
  • We slew to Turatto SN2010gi because of higher seeing constraints

10:28 - image aquisition for Turatto SN2010gi 0002-0003
  • on the aquisition image we measure seeing <1.2''
  • we decide to go to HDF - Maiolino because higher priority and now it seems within specs

10:34 - Slew to Maiolino HDF_K2 acquisition 0004-0009
  • seeing 1.2'' but seem to be getting worse...

11:08 - Science script HDF_K2_3 0010-0021
  • seeing on the GCS very variable 1.5''-3.00''
  • we can see the spectra in 2 slits and we continue
  • at the last exposures GCS seeing 1.7''

12:15 - Slew for Tell acq
  • no guide star found - correct pointing and repeat preset

12:21 - Slew for Tell acq again 0022-0028
  • during acquisition we lost the guide star because it got too bright

12:36 - End of night configuration - DoDarks

-- KonstantinaBoutsia - 04 Apr 2011
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