++++ INAF LBC+LUCIFER queue observing, 2011 March 31 - April 01

Observer: R. Speziali, K. Boutsia
Telescope Operator: D. Gonzales
Support Astronomer: M. Pedani
Instrument: LUCIFER


No clouds at sunset - night seems photometric
We do not open dome at the beginning of the night because of high wind - 4hr lost due to wind
After we open dome seeing is very variable with an average of 3.0-4.0'' - at some point the star atthe AGw is not visible
We try to point to a target in order to measure the seeing - the seeing with Lucifer is 1.9'' - out of specs for all our programs
During the acquisition we loose the guide star due to bad seeing and the preset is cancelled
After the dome was open, the seeing was so bad that we could not guide!!
At the very end of the night we obtained some imaging data with Lucifer - 1hr of observations

Data Summary

Project Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
Turatto SN2010gi J,H,Ks 640s + 896s+ 168s in the Ks we lost guiding during the 3rd offset


Begin night with Lucifer Dome remains closed due to winds

08:05 Dome open
  • Seeing very variable with an average of 3-4'' and picks of 6. At some moments the star in the AGw is not visible at all
  • we wait

10:52 - Slew to Turatto -SN2010gi to measure the seeing 0002-0007
  • seeing measured on the image 1.9 - out of specs
  • during the acquisitino we lost the guide star because the seeing was so bad it could not find the centroid

11:25 - Try to acquire Turatto again 0008-0013
  • seeing on the acquisition image 1.7''

11:37 - Imaging Turatto SN2010gi banda J 0014-0021
  • average measured seeing ~1.2''

11:57 - Imaging Turatto SN2010gi banda H 0022-0036
  • there is a position that the guide star is out of reach - the sources seem elongated
  • average measured seeing ~1.0''

12:21 - Imaging Turatto SN2010gi banda Ks 0037-0039
  • only 3 offsets executed - the 3rd had lost guiding

12:26 - We lost guide star - End of night

-- KonstantinaBoutsia - 01 Apr 2011
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