Mapping from queue listing to OB name

Under construction... some notes follow.

Mapping from 'queue scheduler' listing to name of OB in /home/sdtobs/1SDTOBs/

queue manager entry OB name README file
Clementini/M31S2 Clementini/M31_S2{B,V}.ob readme
COSMOS/gSloan COSMOS/cosmos_gSLOAN{1-7}.ob readme
COSMOS/rSloan COSMOS/cosmos_rSLOAN{1-7}.ob  
Dwarf/fuobj21 Dwarf/ColemanA/fuobj21_{1,2}_g and fuobj21_{1,2}r readme
  Btime objects in Dwarf/ColemanB/ readme
Fan/NGC5907 Fan/NGC5907/sdt_fan2_{1,2,3}.ob readme
Fasano/A671 Fasano/A671_{B,U1,U2}.ob readme
Fasano/A1668 Fasano/A1668_{B,U1,U2}.ob  
Fasano/A957 Fasano/A957_{B,U1,U2}.ob  
Ferraro/N5466 Ferraro/N5466_{deep,short}.ob readme
Ferraro/M53 Ferraro/N5024_{deep,short}.ob do "short" OB only 1x, repeat "deep" OB 7x
GRB GRB/grbxxxxxx.ob target of opportunity - observers will receive email/call from P. Garnavich
Kochanek/M81Bphot KochanekM81/M81BV.ob does B and V readme
Kochanek/M81BV KochanekM81/M81BV.ob repeat 10x
Kochanek/M81V KochanekM81/M81V.ob repeat 10x
M67/phot M67/phot/WDs_M67_short_BV.ob readme
M67/cal M67/cal/WDs_M67_CAL{1-3}.ob  
M67/obsB M67/obsB/WDs_M67_SCI_B{1-3}.ob  
M67/obsV M67/obsV/WDs_M67_SCI_V{1-3}.ob  
Milne/SN2006jc Milne/SN2006jc readme
Nonino/RXJ0848 Nonino/RXJ0848U_CLASS_B_{1-8}.ob readme
Lockman/Block1 Lockman/Egami_Lockman_{VLA,XMM}_{V,B,Un}_#.ob readme
  See readme file which groups OBs into Blocks of  
  4 OBs each, same filter for all OBs in Block.  
Pizzella/NGC5719 Pizzella/NGC5719/apizzella_{1,2}.ob readme
Quasar/Point1 Quasar/Point1 readme
  also Point2-6, there are 2 OBs/pointing,  
  1st, all odd numbers are U.  
  2nd, all even numbers are g & r.  
Ryan/AsteroidDeg00 Ryan/0deg_feb_epoch{1,2,3}.ob readme
SigmaOri/Point1 SigmaOri/sdt_muzerolle_{1-4}.ob readme
SigmaOri/Point2 SigmaOri/sdt_muzerolle_{5-8}.ob  
SigmaOri/Point3 SigmaOri/sdt_muzerolle_{9-12}.ob  
SigmaOri/Point4 SigmaOri/sdt_muzerolle_{13-16}.ob  
Skillman/HoII Skillman/HoII_{U1,U2,U2_off} readme
  Pretty straightforward mapping. Several OBs per object  
  - not all need to be done in one night?...  
StanekM33 StanekM33/StanekM33.ob repeat 20x readme
Trilling/KBO{1,2} Trilling/Trilling-OB1000{a,b}.ob 1001,1002,1003,1004 readme
  indicates the 2 observations/field needed each night  
  (and which must be repeated the subsequent night).  
  10 fields, in 2 groups.  
  2 OBs, which total 305s, per field.  
  night1 night2  
  1000ab,1010ab 1020ab,1030ab  
  1001ab,1011ab 1021ab,1031ab  
  1002ab,1012ab 1022ab,1032ab  
  1003ab,1013ab 1023ab,1033ab  
  1004ab,1014ab 1024ab,1034ab  
  group 2  
  night1 night2  
  1005ab,1015ab 1025ab,1035ab  
  1006ab,1016ab 1026ab,1036ab  
  1007ab,1017ab 1027ab,1037ab  
  1008ab,1018ab 1028ab,1038ab  
  1009ab,1019ab 1029ab,1039ab  
Turatto/SN2006jcJan Turatto/SN2006jc_jan2007.ob readme
weaklens/A697gr Weaklens/A697-{1-3}.ob use g and r readme
  (OBs with "-4" extn use Un)  
Zaritsky/NGC3184 Zaritsky/V_OBs/10_step and Zaritsky/U_OBs/10_step readme
Zaritsky/NGC3184phot Zaritsky/V_OBs/photo and Zaritsky/U_OBs/photo  

-- OlgaKuhn - 20 Feb 2007
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