Mountain Workstations

Currently the control room has five workstations available, one of which is primarily used by the telescope operator (on the far right as you face the desk). They are set up such that they can be used interchangeably for both observations and data reductions. Take care that you do not try to control the same instrument from two different workstations/accounts! The hardware configuration of these machines is given in the table below. Each has two large LCD monitors (the TO station has three), and a local scratch disk for data reduction.

Note that the scratch disks are not backed up in any way by the LBTO. The scratch space is for use by the observers while they are at the telescope, and said observers are solely responsible for saving everything on the scratch disks that they want to keep prior to leaving the observatory! Any data on these disks pre-dating the current observers is considered fair game for deletion with no advanced notification.

Given the volume of data it will be possible to generate in one night at the LBT and the relatively slow connection to the outside world, please do not copy your data over the web.

Machine ID Use nCPU x GHz GB RAM /scratch Comments
lbtmu01 TO 1 x 3.0 1.0 230 GB Telescope Operator's station.
lbtmu02 User 1 x 3.0 1.0 230 GB  
lbtmu03 User 1 x 3.0 1.0 230 GB  
lbtmu04 User 1 x 3.0 1.0 230 GB  
lbtmu05 User 1 x 3.0 1.0 230 GB  

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