Masks are due by noon in Tucson on the following dates for 2010B:

  • 7 September Arizona (8), INAF (6), OSU/RC (9)
  • 10 October Arizona (11), LBTB (11); (there is 1 extra slot available)
  • 8 November INAF (9), OSU/RC (14)
  • 6 December LBTO (3), LBTB (10), Arizona (10)

Laser-cut slitmasks for LUCIFER are now being cut here in Tucson. To help everything go smoothly, we make the following suggestions:

- Define a unique ProjectName (see LMS manual section 5.10.3) for each mask. This is an 8-character identifier string that is definable by the PI. LMS works fine without a ProjectName defined but we use this to name the masks in the LUCIFER User Interface. We will resolve conflicts or assign names as needed, but it would be better for the PI to define this at the time the mask is designed. Please do not rely on the sequence number generated by LMS (the second string in the resulting lms filename).

- Submit all three (gbr, lms, epsf) files generated by LMS. We need the gerber (gbr) file to cut the mask on the laser milling machine, the epsf file as a reference for a visual comparison to the freshly cut mask, and the lms file is needed by LUCIFER to properly execute the MOS acquisition sequence.

- Upgrade to LMS v1.60. While versions back to 1.50 will still work, please upgrade your lms software. There is a link on the LUCIFER webpages:

-- DavidThompson - 10 Sep 2010
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