How to Make a Collimation Model to be used by the PSF Subsystem at LBT

The instructions located here should be updated to not list old procedures, and the default location for IDL procedures and such should be moved to /home/LBTO/CollimationModels (or something like that). We are trying to migrate away from the lbcobs account and collimation is now needed for a growing list of Gregorian instruments.

Some additional comments:
  • Should also correct pointing prior to taking collimation data
  • IRAF should be set up to auto-extract the necessary information from a list of images
  • Instruments should normalize their header keywords where possible
  • Better: IDL should take an input list of files and read in the information it needs
  • One IDL procedure should handle data from all instruments
  • IDL script should automatically write out gif image
  • IDL script should write the appropriate model temperature and Z linear temperature coefficient (+0.1 mm/degC).

-- DavidThompson - 07 Apr 2010
Topic revision: r2 - 23 Aug 2012, OlgaKuhn
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