Starting Up

1. Log on to obs2 as AZ, Click on Red LUCIFER icon to start guis if they aren't up from last night.

password is written underneath the keyboard of obs2

2. Log in to NOMACHINE as "observer"

You should get a box entitled "NX-Observer" asking you to log in to "NOMACHINE"

user name "observer"

password is written underneath the keyboard of obs2.

3. Start up all the Lucifer windows.

Double click on the icon at the left of the left-hand screen called "Start Lucifer"

Rearrange the windows as you like

Open a UNIX terminal by clicking in the background. You will run scripts from this window.

2. Check that the directory name and file root to today's date.

Before you start afternoon darks, make sure the directory name and file root name to today's date. This should have been done automatically.

If not, go to Lucifer ONE Readout Control window, the "ReadoutManagerGUI"

Click on box with "..." in the lower right corner.

Scroll over to the right to find today's directory, e.g. /data/luci/20110107

and select it.

this populated the "Filename root" and "Save Path"

Click on "Set new values"

Make sure the values are updated in the "Current Readout Setup" on the left.

3. Check that rsync is working properly to archive data

in the de.rub.astro.lucifer.userinterface... a log of Lucifer activity is rolling by. Red lines are bad.

The first rsync to the archive may be bad, but it should work after that. Rsync to the library happens once per minute.

4. Take a test image

To make sure everything is working:

  • Make sure the dome lights are off
  • Set the Lucifer DIT = 2.0, NDIT=1
  • N1.8 camera
  • Grating Unit = Mirror
  • Filter Wheel 1 = Blind
  • Filter Wheel 2 = Blind

  • Click on START READ button in Lucifer ONE Readout Control

  • Image will be displayed in Skycat window. Click on Auto Set Cut Levels and make sure you see the read noise pattern, with a few counts per pixel.

J. Bechtold, F. Bian Jan. 2010. Revised J. Bechtold Jan 2011.
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