Taking Lamps with Lucifer

After your take some spectra, you may want to take arcs and lamp flats.

1. Put in the Calibration Unit.

Click IN

2. Tell the operator to turn off WFS and guiding.

If you have WFS corrections on, you will put a lot of coma, etc into the telescope, and you'll be very sorry.

3a. Method #1: Run a script to do arc lamps and flat lamps. Examples are attached.

luci 3c220.arc.txt

luci 3c220.flat.txt

3b. Method #2: Take the Arcs Manually

Under the Calibration Unit gui, type OPEN GUI

do the exposure manually as before

Must turn off the arcs manually.

Use Halo2 for H&K flats.

* NB: The AZ observers decided that the night sky lines give good wavelength calibration for most projects, and so are no longer taking arc exposures during the night.

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