To execute a Lucifer script

1. To start

If your script is called myscript.txt

Check the lower right corner of the Telescope Control window and select Wait for Collimation = On or Off. If you're slewing a long way you should have Wait for collimation = On.

On lucifer, in a unix prompt, go to where your script is and type myscript.txt 


 luci myscript.txt 

2. To abort



in the window you started the script in.

or click on the big red ABORT! button on the ReadoutManagerGui to stop the current exposure.

3. Continue observing at the same position

Suppose you finish your script and decide you better repeat it before going to a new object.

Comment out the "Set Telescope" commands before re-running the script. Otherwise the script will fail, and the operator will have to re-point.
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