Observers: Emily McLinden, Marie Rex, Christopher Willmer, Olga Kuhn, Steve Allanson, Gino Bechetti

Mirror temperature about 4 degrees C warmer than yesterday.

12.39 AM started sky flats

1:00 AM readout manager server failed to store images. It was restarted

1:18 AM moved to first field, pointing check with Lucifer ptcorr task (in LBTtools.LUCIFER seeing ~ 0.89" FWHM

1:41 AM McLinden First telluric exposure

2:00 AM First set of science exposures begins (McLinden - 70 minutes integration)

Finished with arcs for McLinden

5:22UT Begin Rex Telluric

6:07 Begin Rex Science

7:15 AM Third science field

7:49 AM start of first Willmer science exposure - overhead is about 35 minutes between setting telluric star,

seeing variable between 1.2-2" (9:50am)

11:56 seeing up to 1.6-1.7"

-- ChristopherWillmer - 13 Oct 2010

-- EmilyMcLinden - 13 Oct 2010 -- ChristopherWillmer - 13 Oct 2010
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