01:00 The sky looks nice, and we are open.

01:30 check pointing. met a problem when running ptcorr, 'subsystem not running failed', ptcorr can not send to position correction information to telescope. Marco is correcting the pointing correction by hand.

02:19 J0203 Seeing is good. 0.6". The first image is #15-22 The spectrum is very nice. The standard star is #25, then lamps and flats

03:34 J0900 can not find the guide star, go back check the pointing, then it is OK. The first exposure is #42-65 go to standard can not find star, check pointing. lost guide star for a while. #70-#73 standard star. #76-77 Lamp #84 and 89 and 91 flats

06:55 COSMOS3 the guide star is at the very edge of the guider. seeing is 0.5 #95-#99, #100 we lost guide star. still can see the reference object in the slit. Then we get the guide star back. #114 the seeing is becoming a little worse 1.0", then #116 seeing 0.7"

10:10 J1001 can not find the guide star, check pointing, then we are OK. seeing is 0.9 #149-160 standard star 163-164, then lamps and flats 165-188 lamps and flats.

11:30 MACS1133.2 can not find the guide star, check pointing, then we are OK. seeing is 0.6 #191-212 object #213-214 standard star #215-220 Lamps #211-212 flats.

-- FuyanBian - 13 Feb 2010
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