Almost clear, only some clouds around the horizon.

00:30 Dome is open to cool down the telescope.

00:50 The humidity is going up now is 60%.

01:10 The humidity is 70% frown, sad smile

01:15 Ks sky flat field. #07-13 20*3s luci_02100211_

*01:30 check the telescope pointing A high elevation star (89 degree), then a low elevation (33 degree)

02:50 Collimate the telescope, seeing is bad 1.5" in K

02:05 Go to J0203, can not find the star. Go back to check pointing, IE changes 20" the temperature difference between the telescope and outside is 7 degree C. The seeing is 1.38" Acquisition, can not see the target in 30s exposure, extend exposure time to 60s The humidity is 95%, we have to close.

04:10 The humidity finally gets down. We are open. check pointing and collimation seeing is from 1.5"-3.0" in K, changing quickly Go to cosmos3 can not find guide star. Go back check the pointing again, go back still can not find the star. maybe the guide star is too faint.

04:40 Go to the J0900, acquisition, the target can not be seen in a 60s exposure, take an longer exposure 120s, can see it The pickup window can pick the object, but can not pick the slit, which we meet this problem last time, then the pickup window is dead as well as telescope control GUI. Try to kill the telescope control GUI and restart it and redo acquisition. Can not open the pickup window, error message 'java.text. ParseException'. Restart the skycat, then we can open the pickup window, but still can not select the slit position. Measure the offset manually. Then finally put the object in the slit.

06:00 take the first spectrum, seeing is from 1.50-2.50 there are thin clouds passing by.

06:36 several error messages show up in the log mirror hit Y limit and an error when trying flexure compensation.

06:50 We have to stop exposure to reset the Y limit. And check the object whether is in the slit, it is OK. Then go on exposure. more clouds is coming. We lost guide star when we take the fourth exposure. Lamp, Flat. Put standard stars manually. run telluric_45874_cal.txt find the star is not in the slit, then manually put the star back in the slit.

Standard stars (#0062-0064) different y position to correct the distort. #65 is test for script telluric_45874_cal.txt #66 go back 7 acrsec in -x.

8:40 go to the cosmos3 can see the guide star seeing is around 1.0-1.2" Do acquisition. The guider window is frozen, GCS stop. We stop the exposure after the first one (#70). restart the exposure again. It is clear again. #74-95, then met a problem log shows an error that 'Connection to GEIRS Server timed out while waiting for answer' and the script is crashed. Try to run the script again, the same error message. Call walter and marco, restart the LUCIFER, then it works. Do the last four exposures.

11:56 move to the standard. HIP 61637 Can not set 2s due to the REMode in mer mode (min 10s) and take lamps and flats.

12:20 move to J105951+581803, can not find guide star, go to a pointing star and find nothing, Clouds or bad pointing? Go to a higher elevation, find the star. CA change 33 arcsecond. Then we get the guide star. The telescope GUI is dead again. We start the exposure anyway. Check the first exposure, can see the object in the slit. #156-#159, then we met the GEIRS Server timed out problem again

-- FuyanBian - 12 Feb 2010
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