We have around 2 hours science data, most of them are useless due to the cloud. We also have 2 hours fun data, e.g. abell cluster, globular cluster, interacting galaxies.

There is some clouds around the sky.


Skyflat Ks 3s #11-#20 Skyflat H 2s, #25-#34 7s #35-44 Skyflat J 7s #45

01:10 pointing test 1. do pointing around the zenith 2. do point at EL 52 3. do collimation at around, can not find the guide star 4. go to a nearby pointing star 5. try another star to do the 6. go to a pointing at EL

02:10 Go to the J0203 We can not acquisition, we can not find the object even taken 1min exposures.

02:51 macs0451 K band #81-90 We do another ten,

03 23 It is very cloudy. we can not do any science. Then go to a globular cluster NGC 2419

05:29 Move to 3C220, the guide star is too faint due to the cloud. The pointing is very good Abell539

05:40 Move to J0901, it is OK. J band imaging #135 It is so cloudy we can not see the lensed galaxies, even the central big elliptical galaxy.

07:09 It is too cloud to do science, go to hcg38 a galaxy group.

08:15 It is getting a little better. Go to J0900 J band image 10 min then J+K spectra 25min the imaging is OK, put we can not see any thing for the spectra

09:10 Go to mosmos2 The instrument change the configure by itself. We can not get the correct slit position, and give a totally wrong offset number.

12:40 Go to macs11133 H Ks imaging.

13:32 When we put the closed/blind mask into the beam, we met an error

-- FuyanBian - 09 Jan 2010
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