Weather was nice and clear except last hour before sunrise. Seeing was more stable around 1"some time below 1". We had hard time to focus at the beginning of the night and lost an hour. Also for the comet the rotator position was changing for each image. We lost morning sky twilight flats due to the CCD camera failure.


Observers: Jana Pittichova and Fuyon Bian

Supporting Astronomer: Marco Pedani

Operator: Wayne Wack

All Times UT

Third Night of the AZ queue.

2350 Sky looks great, nice clear sky, no wind stable will be great night smile

00:58 Begin taking 25 biases

0210 Sky flat U and Y, V and r , B, R

0242 Go to Segue_0 focusing and collimating it took 1.5 hours to get focus ufff

0410 Segue_0 finally, seeing is 1.48 for Blue and 1.58 for Red, stars are slightly elongated. Temperature is moving fast so it is hard to get better focus. Second image seeing is 1.45 for Red and 1.31 for Blue it is little better. The seeing is improving a little bit. David please check the shape of the stars in red channel when you reduce the data (e.g. lbcr.20090329.042657.fits).

0452 Moving to Segue_1, focusing and collimating, and it took 8 minute or so. We are taking Segue_1 The first red image is very bad, showing double peak. The blue one is good, seeing is 1.5. Then the seeing is getting really worse. We stop to redo focus.

0525 We are working on Segue_1 The seeing is very bad (1.7). we go to the SN2008D_VI The star profile in red channel is very bad. The blue ones are OK. The see

0610 Go to SN2008D_BR. We do not redo the focus because it does not improve a lot. John Hill is working on the focus with guiding star. The red channel still seems out of focus. The seeing is improving1.2. We are moving to bootes field

0626 Go to the bootes34. Do not do the focus. The trick to find a good focus is: first get a good focus on guide star then -800 on z4. The seeing is 1.2 for both cameras. The second blue one has a bad guiding star.

0655 Go to bootes05. The seeing is 0.9" for red one and 1.3 for blue one.

0712 Go to Segue_1 The first blue one is guiding on a galaxy the blue one is very bad. The red one is OK 1.2". improving to 1.0" for the second red one. The third blue one is failing on guiding. The blue is bad/

0800 Go to Yan fields lbcr.20090329.081258.fits bad readout lbcr20090329.091037 bad readout The image quality is very bad.

0923 Going to bootes02 do focus and seeing is Red is 1.23, Blue is worst because it is guiding on a galaxy and is hard to fix the focus. Red channel is 0.7"

1015 Focusing and start observing the comet 103P, tel. is guiding well and seeing on guider looks bellow 1" for both channels

1030 we have problem with rotator changing for each image...have to power OFF and ON the CCD cameras

1105 the rotator angle is fixed but seeing is getting worst over 1" last image the Blue seeing was 2.07" and Red 1.05"

1134 Focusing, blue was way out of focus, even the Red was out of focus

*11:40 * clouds and it is getting worst, it clearing little morning flats

12126 Red CCD is not responding...had to power OFF the CCD...will lost the twilight time frown, sad smile

-- XiaohuiFan - 29 Mar 2009
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