We were closed most of the night due to high winds and some snow. The right shutter was never able to open, and so we observed with the blue side only. We did go to Milne's 2007af OB, but the seeing was 3.5". We executed that OB twice. We had problems taking twilight flats. First, the images seemed to be rotating during the exposure for 3/4ths of the flats. This is a known problem. Second, the dither sequence in the OB did not seem to run, and so we had to tell Wayne to dither manually. We'll investigate to see if there is a problem with the OB in the morning.


Observers: David Sand, Jana Pittichova

Supporting Astronomer: Marco Pedani

Operator: Wayne Wack

All Times UT

First Night of the AZ queue.

Weather at the beginning of the night -- Very windy at UT 23:50

0030 Begin 25Bias_Bino

0700 Wind has died down. Humidity is down. Lets go outside to check things out.

0704 There are about ten stars in the sky. Forget it. And windy.

0908 There is a 10 deg C difference between outside and mirror. This is a limit, so we could not open if cool.

1004 The wind has calmed down. The mirror and outside are still 9-ish degrees different, but we are going to open anyways just to get into the LBC swing of things.

1015 The right shutter would not open. Something busted. What a night. Anyways, we are going to work with the blue side only.

1035 We are having various focus/telescope problems.

1100 Beginning milne_sn2007af_BV. Blue side only. Estimated seeing from Focus sequence is greater than 2 arcsec. Seeing in first image is 3.5". Sorry Peter.

1125 Lost guide star on first image of second set for sn2007af, we didi only 2 image for this set

1135 re-focus

1148 Back to sn2007af target - guiding failed again

1217 Test the B sky twilight flat

1220 first 60sec B sky twilight flat

1236 Nearly all flats are rotated

1244 Sky is clear

-- XiaohuiFan - 26 Mar 2009
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