Observers: Fuyan Bian

Supporting Astronomer: Marco Pedani

Operator: Wayne Wack

All Times UT

Fifth Night of the AZ queue.

2230 Sky looks pretty good, I can some cloud at the horizon, The wind is a little high 18 m/s

2300 5Bias_Bino, and another five 5Bias_Bino. We still meet the data transfer problem for the red channel. take care the red channel bias frames from lbcr.20090125.230355.fits-lbcr.20090125.234504.fits They are taking with shutter open. I will take another sequence.

2346 The wind reaches 25 m/s Very BAD!

0034 The wind is still around 20 m/s. I take five more 5Bias_Bino. These bias are good bias

0225 The wind is still 20-25 m/s. We still can not open.

0309 The wind is a little smaller. We will wait for a little while to see whether it is good to open, then it goes up again...

0510 The wind is still very big. 20-25 m/s A police officer came in and said he would let the wind go away. I think someone may call 911 to complain the wind.

1012 The wind is slow down to less than 20 m/s. We decide to open the left door (blue channel). The wind is too high the right door (it should be less than 15 m/s). The seeing should be very bad.

1025 Bootes15 seeing is bad, The focus is hard to converge, we meet z limit two times, and it can not converge at al.

1110 Move to Bootes47 to do focus again and can not converge... The seeing is very very bad I can not see the pupil for the defocus image at al. It just looks like star image. The brighter star has bigger diameter and the fainter star has smaller diameter.

1132 Get a relative reasonable results although it need change z4 and z7 greater than 1000. Take exposure, and find the seeing from the guide star is 4.5" Have to stop

1145 Start to struggle with focus again.

1210 Marco suggested there may be the telescope optics problem. We check the focus OB again, looks good We do different tests to see weather z value changed when we applied the defocus. It seems work well So the very bad seeing is the last reason why we can not get the focus solution.

We lose the whole night...

-- XiaohuiFan - 25 Jan 2009
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