00:25 telescope at zenith. We were able to turn the camera off and on to revive LBC-red. taking test bias frames. looks normal, no pattern visible in red chip!!

00:31 turning off lights in dome and taking bias frames (running 25Bias_Bino OB). OB stopped after 20+ frames due to some issue with blue camera CCD controller, but should be usable.

01:00 cirrus more or less everywhere.

02:25 dome opening....cloud cover is still severe, with nearly the entire sky covered by cirrus. attempting to turn on the camera with telescope at horizon failed again with LBC red RPC timeouts

02:50 slewing to zenith and turning on LBC: LBCR turned on with no issues, suggesting that the horizon position is responsible for the previous camera errors. had some rotator/filter issues on blue side, eventually cleared by an lbckill.sh/lbcstart.sh

03:05 taking test skyflat in U/Y....about 1k counts in both U and Y in 2 second exposure. moving on to test skyflat in B/r (4 sec), which yielded ~2.4k counts in each filter.

03:18 started Skyflat_Br_5 (scaled up by 30)....counts appear to be too low, plus lots of stars. flats are probably useless.

03:29 moving to EGS_Y_1b.

03:37 starting focus script on EGS...not enough bright stars (only 1 pupil: too much cloud cover). moves sent anyway.

03:43 rerunning focus....found a few more stars...rerunning again....and again...Ben is making by-eye corrections to the focus....

04:06 loading and running superfoc OB.... (/home/LBTO/calib_OBs/SUPERFOC/RB_YU_superfoc.ob)

04:11 running EGS_Y_1b OB: significant variation apparent in the 5 images. clouds!

04:37 refocusing....no stars on images though (clouds!)

04:40 crazy Ben decides to push on and run EGS_Y_1a.

05:09 attempting to focus....some pupils found....rerunning....pupils lost (clouds!)

05:12 running EGS_Y_1b OB:

05:40 moving to Bootes priority1_PA180: b24r....and attempting to focus....getting multiple stars (rerunning multiple times to tune focus).

05:50 starting b24r OB...

06:15 refocusing....

06:20 rerunning b24r OB....

06:50 refocused and now rerunning b24r OB...

07:19 moving to priority5_PA0: b25r...refocusing...

07:25 starting b25r...very few stars in some images, due to clouds.

07:57 refocusing...

08:01 rerunning b25r OB... Transparency seems to have improved

08:27 moving to Hercules...

08:30 focusing at Herc-4...

08:36 starting Herc-4 OB in B-only (mono) mode (and only 4 dither positions). seeing is ~5.4pix in first B-band image. Stars do NOT look elongated. Third image has seeing of ~6pix.

09:00 moving to Herc-5 to focus...

09:05 starting Herc-5 in B-only (mono) mode (with 5 dither positions). seeing is ~5.3pix in B-band.

09:34 moving to Herc-6 and focusing...

09:38 starting Herc-6 OB in B-only (mono) mode (w/ 6 exposures).

10:13 moving to Herc-7 and focusing...

10:18 starting Herc-7 OB in B-only (mono) mode (w/ 4 exposures).

10:41 moving to Herc-6 and starting B-only observations...(stopped after two exposures).

10:55 moving to skyflat position...

10:58 taking test skyflat in B/r (2 second exposure): not bright enough yet!

11:01 taking 5-sec test skyflat in B/r: < 1k counts in B and r.

11:04 taking another 5-sec skyflat in B/r: ~1k counts in B and r.

11:09 taking another 5-sec skyflat in B/r: ~1300 in the Blue.

11:13 taking another 5-sec skyflat in B/r: ~1600 in the Blue.

11:16 taking yet another 5-sec skyflat in B/r: ~2k counts in the Blue and ~1.5k in the Red.

11:19 another test skyflat (5sec): ~2k in r and 2.8k in B.

11:22 another 5-sec skyflat (5sec): 3.7k in B and 2.55k in r.

11:23 starting Skyflat OB (5x20sec) in B/r: 17k and 11k in B and r, respectively (in 1st image) 20k in B and 13k in r for 2nd image. 21.5k in r and 31.5 in B in 5th image.

11:32 taking a 5-sec test in B/r: 15k in B and 12k in r.

11:34 starting Skyflat OB (5x5sec) in B/r: first frame had ~20k in B and r. > 40k in B and ~32k in red in the 5th frame.

11:39 starting Skyflat OB (5 x 2scale) in B/r: first frame has counts of 28.5k in B and 24k in r. 53k and 45k in final B/r images.

11:43 taking test Skyflat (2x scale) in Us/Y: 20k in Us and 10k in Y.

11:45 starting Skyflat OB (5 x 1.5 scale) in Us/Y: first image shows 24.5k in Us and 10.5k in Y. 5th image shows 43-44k in B.

11:50 taking test Skyflat in U/Y (scale 1): 38k in U and 30k in Y.

11:51 starting Skyflat (5 x 0.7scale) in U/Y: 36k in U in first image. >40k in U and Y in second image. fifth image is saturated in Y and >60k in U.

11:56 running 25Bias_Bino.

Light cirrus at sunrise. Second half of the night probably useful.

-- XiaohuiFan - 02 Jun 2008
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