High wind, mediocre seeing. Only tried three OBs, the rest of time closed due to wind.


Observers: Linhua Jiang, David Sand

Supporting Astronomer: Marco Pedani

Operator: David Gonzalez Huerta

All Times UT

Last night of the AZ queue.

0000 Weather is very clear, but still windy. Hopefully will die down.

0150 rebooting CMU. Dewars filled. nearly ready to rock and roll.

0206 Skyflat_UY_5, test image had ~30000 counts. Scaled by 1.5.

First flat had ~27000 cnts Last had ~13000 cnts

0212 Skyflat_BR_5* -- First image has ~25000 cnts

0219 Skyflat_Vr_5* -- First image has ~26000 cnts

0230 SA101_UY -- Focusing at this position. VERY out of focus.

0249 SA101_UY -- Beginning standard. Seeing is ~2.5 on blue side. red very out of focus. mirror is warm.

0259 UMaII_off12_Vr -- moving

0302 focus

0307 UMaII_off12_Vr -- Blue side only!!! we need round V images.

First image is 1.3" and ROUND!!!!!!

Third image is obviously out of focus. We are stopping and refocusing.

0334 lost tracking while focusing. Quote from TO -- 'Something is not ok in the elevation....'

John Hill -- 'Something is wrong with the servo..'

0345 Back up and running. focused. Restarting UMaII_off12_Vr

0346 Just kidding. We immediately stopped tracking.

0406 Still trying to fix tracking. have called tucson. meanwhile, wind has picked up. Dave is going outside to see if we have to close. Blurg. later on it was figured out that the tracking problem was due to wind, nothing wrong with the telescope.

0409 Ok, closing for wind. I hate astronomy.

0920 Opening. With extreme caution. We will go to Bootes.

0934 moving to b49r

0944 begin b49r 1.1 arcsecond seeing in first image in Y band

second image 1"

1019 begin b56r First image is 1.2" in Y

1033 closing for wind

1059 taking biases. we did not have time at the beginning of the night.

-- XiaohuiFan - 10 Apr 2008
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