Another smooth night. Almost no time lost to telescope/camera. Lost two hours due to high wind. Sky remained to be photometric. Seeing is around 1.0" in the red most of the night. Observed UMaII, Bootes, and photometric calibration fields for Bootes, EGS and NGC 6503. Did a lot of short exposures both standard stars and deep field calibration fields. The relatively long overhead on these short exposures means the total shutter open time is not that high tonight.


Observers: Xiaohui Fan, Ben Weiner

Supporting Astronomer: Marco Pedani

Operator Aaron Ceranski

All Times UT

0112 25Bias_Bino

0140 reboot CMU

0145 sunset, no clouds visible, will treat as photometric, we are open

0207 SkyFlat_UY_5; about 20000 ADU

0215 SkyFlat_BR_5; 10000 - 20000 ADU

0222 SkyFlat_Vr_5; 10000 - 20000 ADU

0250 SA101_UsY , SA101_UY, SA101_VR; some red images have banding.

0303 SkyFlat_Vr_5

0311 SA104_UsY, SA104_UY, SA104_VR

0340 GD153 using two exposure times

0351 going to UMaII, chasing focus

0406 UMaII_off11_Br; 1.0" in r and 1.2" in B

0449 UMaII_off12_Br; 1.0" in r and 1.3" in B; B seems to have some astigmatism; elongation disappeared in later images

0527 moving to Bootes calibration field.

0536 Bootes_cali0: 1.0" in Y, 1.2" in U_s; something wrong with the offsets; stopped. starting b57r instead.

0648 Bootes_cali180

0754 SA101_UsY, SA101_UY, SA101_VR

0819 SA104_UsY, SA104_UY, SA104_VR

0846 GD153_UsY

0900 wind too strong for BD+26, moving to EGS

0915 EGS_photY_2: 1.0 in Y and 1.3" in U

0925 done wihth EGS_photY_2, then closed due to high wind

1103 open again as winds are down a little bit. continuing EGS calibration

1109 EGS_photY_3, 4, 5, 1; 1.1 in Y, 1.5 in U

1153 NGC6503_photo

1218 SkyFlat_Vr_5 13000-36000ADU

1227 SkyFlat_UY_5 10000 - 35000ADU

1234 SkyFlat_UsY_5 10000 - 30000ADU

-- XiaohuiFan - 07 Apr 2008
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