Last night of Feb AZ time! Light clouds at beginning of the night, heavier stuff coming in from the north. Not photometric.


Observers: Dave Sand, St\xE9phane Herbert-Fort

Supporting Astronomer: None :(; Actually Olga and John Hill are my heroes.

Operator Aaron

All Times UT

Right now we have no network connection to CMU and other LBC related computers. Wait and see....

0030 Still coming back from the CMU reboot.

0035 Beginning 25Bias_Bino.

0122 SkyFlat_BR_5 Some exposures are saturated. St\xE9phane and I have been looking at our earlier data, and we have noticed that MANY IF NOT ALL OF OUR SKYFLAT OBS ARE NOT DITHERING, DESPITE WHAT THE OB GUI SAYS InformationTechnology SHOULD BE DOING. WHY??????? WE ARE GOING TO DITHER BETWEEN EXPOSURES BY HAND NOW. THIS APPARENTLY HAS BEEN HAPPENING THE WHOLE RUN.

0131 SkyFlat_Vr_5

0202 Ok, talked to Olga. The 'Preset LBT' box needs to be checked in the OB. It was not. We tested it, and it seems to have the sky flat dither now. Bottom line -- check your twilight flats before using them. I will fix our skyflat OBs now.

0214 Moved to Having trouble focusing and needed to restart LBC. Dave may have heart attack soon.

0223 We can not get anything to work. Sorry. Continuous controller/other errors when we power off and on.

0241 still rebooting. still on/off. called john. will keep trying.

0249 Filter wheel mechanical error. Breathe deep.

0300 We may have to call Italy.

0313 Last CMU reboot worked, maybe. Moving to UMaII_off7_Br. Focusing. Blue side error.

0325 More off/on. We are trying to switch to an older version of lbc software.

0331 We managed to successfully take a focus image, but there are no stars. It is too cloudy. We will exercise LBC by taking more focus exposures.

0342 Finally got focus to work. Getting stars.

0343 UMaII_off7_Br First image. 1.6" in blue. 1.6" in red. Plus clouds. Ugh.

0412 Seeing getting slightly worse....5th and 6th image blue guiding quite bad...

0424 Last image has 2 arcsecond seeing. Looking into backup programs.

0429 All backup programs have been done, I think. Maybe science images are still worth taking....someone can use them to make dark sky flats?

0437 Blue side controller error. John Hill (and I) have decided that one of the most useful things we can do right now is work on the blue and red coguiding. He mess with some code while I'm restarting LBC.

0453 UMaII_off7_Br after focusing and restarting LBC again.

0502 The experiment to get blue and red coguiding did not work out. Image is ~3".

0532 Seeing is still >2".

0544 Starting UMaII_off8_Br. This is not meant to be a real science observation. Seeing is atrocious.

0619 Seeing seems to be improving. Will focus and try UMaII_off7_Br for real.

0639 UMaII_off7_Br. Had trouble focusing, but now I suspect seeing is better.

0655 First two images are 1.4-1.5" and round in blue. Nice.

0711 One image jumped in guiding. Others ok 1.4-1.7". Will press on.

0717 UMaII_off8_Br Last image seeing was ~1.9". We need to is obvious.

0801 UMaII_off9_Br

0842 Controller error on Exposure 4. Will move to Bootes next.

0851 b50r Seeing is ~1.5" in Y.

0929 b52r looked outside. seem to be scattered clouds.

0956 b38r First image is 1.3" in Y.

1031 b40r First image is 1.2" in Y.

1109 Reached limit of dome. had to rotate 360 degrees.

1112 b51r last image is 1".

1146 b53r

12:25 b12r First image is 1.0" in Y.

13:07 Sky flats. we think we have fixed the OBs to dither now. we'll keep an eye out. SkyFlat_Vr_5; SkyFlat_UY_5

Sky looks pretty clear, with some light clouds, at the end of the night. Good night. I'll write the summary tomorrow.

-- OlgaKuhn - 12 Feb 2008
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