Band of high clouds at beginning of the night.


Observers: Dave Sand, St\xE9phane Herbert-Fort, Eric Nielson

Supporting Astronomer: None frown, sad smile

Operator David Gonzalez Huerta

All Times UT

2314 Start taking biases, dome is dark. A band of high clouds is coming in. Red side temperature crash during the middle of the bias sequence. UGH.

0045 Clouds everywhere, but it is hopefully light enough to still get some science.

0109 Dome opening. Still cloudy....

0110 Did two SkyFlat_UY_5 OBs. All counts above ~10000.

0145 Taking one SkyFlat_Br_5

0210 Since it is cloudy and we can not get to UMaII for a half hour, we are doing NGC925_10step. Several temperature errors on the blue side in a row.

0235 NGC925_10step. Moved on after three exposures. Bad blue image quality.

0250 Moving to UMaII_pos5_Br. Blue side only!!!! 1.3" seeing with round images! All images are basically round and have 1.2-1.3" seeing. which is alright. We called olga to make sure that with just blue channel on that we are guiding from the mount and not the mirror. This seems to be the case, but it also seems like we must take 16 sec guider exposures. Olga is investigating with John Hill.

0402 Had to reconfigure some things for blue only guiding. Taking another UMaII_pos5_Br due to cloudy conditions. First image is 1" and round.

0446 UMaII_pos2_Br on blue only. First image is round and 0.9". Second image had severe guiding problem. Third image is fine, with 0.9" seeing.

0540 On second round of UMaII_pos2_B, we had a temp error but did not have to restart lbc.

0609 Wind is picking up. TO David is going outside to check on it.

0633 UMaII_off4_Br. In binocular mode. Some focusing problems. OB begins at 0655. first image is 1.1" in red. round images. the blue image is slightly trailed. UGH.

0740 UMaII_off5_Br -- At least two of the blue images are very elongated.

0747 Just went outside. It looks relatively clear with no noticeable clouds.

0821 UMaII_off6_Br -- again, at least two of the blue images are very elongated. Seeing in red is 0.8-1.0" Having basically no problems, except for the poor guiding on the blue side.

0907 b31r. Have to rotate dome. it is taking a while. First Y image is 0.8".

0954 b33r First Y image is 0.8".

1029 b35r At least one Y image is elongated. Several of these images had poor Y guiding. They are worth checking.

1104 b42r guiding failed on both sides. why? there was a star for the first ~100 seconds.

1121 Ah, the TO's computer has frozen and we think this is keeping us from guiding. I fear many things need to be rebooted.

1131 Taken a quick b44r exposure to help TO figure out what is going on. Actually I do not think it is being taken.

1222 We are back and focusing on b44r field.

1247 b44r after having a difficult time focusing.

1255 Went outside. Seems to be cloudy, but tough to say how cloudy. 0.5" seeing, slightly stretched images.

1316 Note that the global focus offset for the blue side is wrong from 1222 on, according to TO. Be careful.

1318 Moving to flat position.

1335 Now that it is brighter, it is clear that the sky if filled with clouds.

-- OlgaKuhn - 10 Feb 2008
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