There were light clouds at the beginning of the night, so no standard stars were taken. Overall a pretty good night, with long stretches with few problems. One galaxy pointing and three offset fields for UMaII. Took U & R band data of NGC426. And did three Bootes fields. Seeing was between 0.4 (in Y) to 1.2".


Observers: Dave Sand, St\xE9phane Herbert-Fort, Eric Nielson

Supporting Astronomer: Olga Kuhn

Operator David Gonzalez Huerta

All Times UT

2330 Start taking biases, some with lights on. Tryin to get the beginning of the nights kinks out. Some very light clouds outside.

2357 Went partially through a second set of bias OBs. Dome being prepared to open.

0035 We have called John Hill to come up with a new game plan for running binocular mode without getting trailed Blue images. Setting blue guiding gain to 0 and minimum correction to 2 arcseconds. Hopefully this means that the blue side will not guide on its own.

0059 Taking more biases. At least a couple will have lights on in the dome. We are trying to make sure everything is working.

0119 SkyFlatTest_UY. OB execution error on blue side. Reran OB and it was fine.

0123 SkyFlat_UY_5 Scaling factor of 5. We took various flats at different positions with different scale factors. Make sure you have enough counts before you use these.

0135 SkyFlat_Br_5 Some rescaling. We started drifting. Stopped on fourth exposure. David is fixing LBT.

0200 Moved to SA95. Focusing

0235 Having trouble focusing.

0238 Never could get blue focus to be satisfactory. Taking SA95_Vr for no great reason.

0244 Seeing is ~0.6-0.7 arcsec in blue and red.

0247 Moving to UMaII_pos8_Br.

0301 UMaII_pos8_Br -- At this elevation (43 deg) and AM (1.45) we have hit some red mirror limit. Ugh. The first red image has 0.8" seeing. The blue side is double peaked. Ugh, our blue guiding trick did not work. Switching back to the original version and trying one more time.

0328 First UMaII_pos8_Br image looks ok. Seeing is 1-1.2 in both sides. basically round images.

0345 First three exposures ok. Pretty clear need to refocus. doing that now and will pick up where i left off afterwards.

0407 Images look ok with 0.8-1.0 arcsec seeing on both sides.

0425 UMaII_off1_Br. Bring it on. First image is garbage. Both red and blue did not guide. The other images seem to be roundish -- 0.7-1.0" seeing.

0510 The last two blue exposures were quite extended. I'm repeating two positions in this OB to make up for the various losses.

0516 During focus, we got the temperature error. Turn off/on LBC

0530 First make up image looks great. 0.8" seeing. It never ever hurts to refocus.

0539 Red side controller error! Have to shut down the camera. party.

0555 Finally finished UMaII_off1_Br. 0.8" seeing. UMaII_off2_Br focus.

0600 Beginning UMaII_off2_Br

0630 Blue controller error halfway through UMaII_off2_Br. Off/on LBC

0641 Identical blue controller failure while trying to focus. Dave is zen and patient.

0652 Must reboot CMU. I'm going to start stress eating.

0708 Ok, focused and finishing UMaII_off2_Br. Did not guide. stopped and investigating. I was in this field before!!!!

0712 It was my fault. I did not connect to LBT. Now we have a mirror problem.

0713 focus. Finish UMaII_off2_Br

0738 Move to UMaII_off3_Br. Focus

0742 Begin UMaII_off3_Br. First blue image is ratty, but usable. Red is 0.6"

0807 Lost guiding on red side on fourth image. Retrying.

0815 Fourth blue image is trailing badly. Red image is 0.8".

0826 Final image did not guide in blue. Retrying. It seems that if I retry, it magically finds a guide star.

0850ish NGC_4826 0.9" seeing. dither 4 in U jumped 085943, dither 9 in U jumped 092007, dither 10 in U jumped 092407; check all R images

0925 redoing two positions of NGC_4826 so that is is DONE.

0939 moving to b20r. First Y image has ~0.5" seeing. Geez....

1013 Seeing is a bit worse. 4th image is ~1.5". Maybe a bad guide star? Nope. 5th image has ~1.5" seeing. I'm going to repeat the OB to get down to the depth they want, hopefully.

1025 Focus. Starting second round of b20r. first image is 1.5" in Y.

1054 Move to b22r and focusing.

1059 We just figured out that we've been looking at the wrong images. The seeing has been 0.6ish the whole time. Sorry for the extra set of exposures.

1102 begin b22r. First image is 0.5" in Y.

1136 begin b24r. First image has bad guiding. Will redo.

1211 had to refocus after third image...

1224 image has 0.6" seeing but a little funny shaped. I have retaken several of the b24r exposures because of poor guiding.

1245 Something wrong with dome

1247 going to try as much of b29r as possible

1325 lost guiding on 5th exposure. sky is getting bright. time to do flats.

-- OlgaKuhn - 09 Feb 2008
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